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The Amaze Yourself Store

Welcome to the Amaze Yourself Store where you find a collection of masterclasses and books by Yvonne Dam all aimed at helping you scale your business and manage your time better to maximize your productivity and income.

We offer eBooks, videos, and masterclasses on demand to help you become the CEO of Your Life.

Work Smart, Earn More, LIVE BETTER” are the categories designed to help you start your journey. If you want it all, don’t worry. We have an extravaganza bundle with all the masterclasses at the bottom of the page.

These offers are highly-focused on one aspect of what might be slowing down your business.


Work Smart

How to Win Time Even When You Hate Planning

Time is our most valuable asset, yet managing it effectively remains a challenge. This masterclass is designed to teach you how to strategically plan your projects and daily tasks to maximize productivity without compromising creativity and personal freedom.



How to Get Control of Your Emails

Do you ever miss your own deadlines, yet never those of a client?

Stop your inbox from overflowing. Get on top of your email, and reduce time spent on emails. Dive into our 5-day training, 10 minutes a day, designed to improve how you handle emails. From cleaning up your inbox, to speeding up email handling time, we’ve got you covered. Save time and feel more in control.



How to Focus and Say No with Ease

High Achiever Freedom Code

Feel like you’re always on call for everyone else’s needs? Let’s shift that. Start saying yes to yourself first. I’m sharing the strategies and insights that helped me maintain sharp focus and establish clear boundaries.


Who Do I Best Network With?

How to focus and say no with ease - business coaching - be the CEO of your life

Making the Right Connections. If you don’t watch out, you’ll spend hours and hours of your precious time on networking with people who you don’t even like connecting with. How do you make sure you only network with the right people? How do you get the most out of your networking and how do you make it work for you?


Private Session and Book "Fast Forward Focus 4 Instant Results"

Book + 90 Minute Coaching session

This eBook Fast Forward Focus 4 Instant Success brings you practical tips to get and stay in action. Boosting your productivity, making it easy to gain results without working endlessly. Personal and to the point.

You also get a deep dive into your situation through your personal 1:1 90-minute coaching session to immediately implement what you learned from the book. Any questions you may have or bumps in the road you encounter will be solved so you get to your results even quicker.


Earn More

The Easy & Unexpected ways that get you Clients every Month

Unlock Client Growth: Simple & Surprising Strategies. Ever feel like everyone gets clients with ease but not you? You’re not alone. Dive into our masterclass, “The Easy & Unexpected Ways to Get Clients Every Month,” where we peel back the layers on networking secrets and referral gold. It’s all about making your connections count in ways that are easy and surprising!


How To Turn Your Relations Into Paying Customers

Say Goodbye to Endless Networking Events. We’ve got something special for you. Learn how to make the most of the connections you already have. No fluff, no unrealistic promises. Just effective techniques that show you how to deepen your connections and make your network work for you. You’ll walk away with actionable insights that you can implement immediately.


Make More Money By Doing Less

CEO Plan Accelerator

Unlock actionable strategies to improve your efficiency and work-life balance with a chapter I contributed to.

For $2.99, this guide provides direct advice and practical steps tailored for those looking to enhance their productivity without overwhelming their schedule.


How to Follow Up for Results

How To Stay On Track And Focused Working From Home

Stop Getting Ghosted
Unlock the Power of Effective Follow-Up
Transform your waiting game into a winning strategy. Discover simple yet impactful ways to follow up that will turn your prospects into ‘hell yes!’ clients.


Private Session and Book "Fast Forward Focus 4 Instant Results"

Book + 30 Minute Q&A Session

In a fast-paced world, time is your most precious asset. Yvonne Dam’s “Fast Forward Focus 4 Instant Results” is a compact guide designed for ambitious business leaders and entrepreneurs. It’s the key to unlocking productivity and focus without the time drain of a lengthy read.

“Fast Forward Focus 4 Instant Results” is more than a book; it’s a productivity toolkit. Its concise nature ensures you can absorb and apply its insights quickly, making it perfect for those who value their time.

$10.49 plus free 30-minute Q&A with Yvonne

Live Better

How to Improve Your Work Life Balance - 50 Proven Tips

You Should Never Be Too Busy to Have Fun

From Overworked to Overjoyed: My Journey. Picture yourself on the verge of success but feeling something vital is missing. That was my reality. Deciding to seek a better balance led me to develop actionable strategies for a more fulfilling life.



The Cheat Sheet To Creating Success Habits That Work

Are you self-sabotaging? 

Draft Your Pathway To Success With Consistent Small Action Steps. You will understand how you can create small doable steps that work for you. While learning the specific habits that can propel you to success.



Bring Back Fun in Your Life and Business

Unplugged From Work: The Importance of Committing to Vacations

Too busy working? Not anymore! With this 40 minute masterclass you’ll learn how to easily bring back fun in your life and business, because your business excels when you’re feeling good.



Turning Goals into Actions

Success is the freedom to do whatever you want

Master The Art of Achieving Your Goals. The real magic lies in the journey from desire to action. This masterclass is your key to unlocking that path. Whether you’re looking to elevate your personal or professional life, we provide the tools and insights to get you there.



From Vision - to Goals - to Success

8 Solid Strategies To Use Now If You Want to Still CRUSH 2023

Jump into this adventure where your biggest dreams get a real shot at coming true. This masterclass isn’t just talk; it’s about taking those big, bright visions you have and turning them into something you can see and touch. We’re diving into a powerful way of thinking that’s all about asking the right questions—the kind that push you right into action.




Learn From All Our Masterclasses at Your Own Pace for a Fraction of the Cost!

Do you want to take both your personal and professional worlds to the next level? The Ultimate Masterclass Bundle goes beyond being merely a series of classes. It serves as a bridge to a transformed version of yourself.

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