A 3-day Live virtual Clinic for busy CEOs and business owners, wanting to diagnose your Roadblocks, and create a solid personalized Strategy, to crush your Goals for 2024 - like you always envisioned!

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Crush Your Goals for 2024
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CEO Plan Clinic

-Focus, Action, and Results-

CEO Plan Clinic

Join the Free Get Sh*t Done Bootcamp that helps you create and crush your to-do list, set priorities, stay focused and ace in business

It's Happening!

11, 12, 13 July @ 11 AM NYC/ 16.00 London
45-36 min daily live clinic

Join the CEO Plan Accelerator to unlock my signature framework that helps you create and elevate your strategy, set the right priorities for your season of business, and stay focused no matter what!

Take control of your time and get into aligned action today!

This CEO Plan Accelerator is for the busy business owner who feels eager to smash their goals, feeling like there's no more time to waste!

I started my career as an international tax lawyer in one of the top 3 global audit firms.

This meant that I got to know the concepts: “time is money”, “be extremely efficient”, and “don't waste a minute of your time” - exceptionally well. I thrived on it, and still do. Ambitious as I am, I became a workaholic - always working, even when I wasn't physically working.

It took me a burnout and 15 years to finally let go of my work addiction!

You know what the hardest part of letting go was? Being the owner of my business.

As a business owner, I felt I had to do it all, and all the time. Until one Monday, I dreaded going to work. It scared me. I had started my company for freedom, not to feel locked up in working all the time. That’s when I decided to make changes.

I started using all the lessons I learned all those years - each profit & productivity hack - in my own company. I came up with a clear strategy that allowed me to make more money, in fewer hours.

That's what makes it possible to work less and live more - a clear business strategy.

In this clinic, I am taking you through the step-by-step process leading to this clear strategy. I am sharing the framework that brought me more business and the freedom to work less. It allows me to take Wednesdays off, spend most afternoons with my daughter, all while enjoying financial freedom.

It truly has made all the difference in my life. I'm sharing it with you, so it can make all the difference in your life too.

3 Days

- Focus, Action, and Results -

Are you done with never finishing your work on time? Always extending your working days. Do you feel your days fly by, and you have nothing to show for at the end of the day? No matter how hard you try to get it all done, you are not where you want to be.

This year you want to end the year differently.
You are ready to draft a strategy that brings in more business. With more focus, you get to finish your work at the end of the day, doing what matters and kicking procrastination to the curb. You’re ready to Accelerate!

In 3 days, you’ll get the tools to go from:

Procrastination to Action
Distraction to Focus
Doing all to Working on Priorities

11, 12, 13 July @ 11 AM NYC/ 16.00 London
45-60 min daily live training

What the CEO Plan Accelerator entails:

  • 3 Days live virtual training
  • 11 AM Eastern Time / 18:00 Central European Time
  • 45-60 minutes of your time per day
  • Life-long access to training
  • Framework for focus, action, and results


Focus, Action, and Results

Day 1

Activate your vision

  • Going from drained to satisfied with the most impactful work done, no more procrastination


  • Why you’ve been doing it wrong, and how you can easily change it. It’s not about how much you do; it’s about why you do what


  • Why you are important, even more important than you think. Better health, better wealth


Get Accountable

Day 2

Become a Goal Getter

  • Achieving your goals was never easier, or why most people f*ck up their goals


  • Bold and Audacious can be soul-sucking, or activate you. Find the method of “goal” setting that suits you


  • Don’t set demotivating goals. Set the goals that light you up, bring your vision to life, and inspire aligned action.


Get Focused

Day 3

Activate your strategic CEO Plan

  • 3 Things that disrupt your focus – how to deal with these


  • Priorities only work one way. Never mistake activity for achievement


  • We work on setting successful habits to sustain your new business and life approach.


  • Why you need to stop working and start planning. Focus on being productive instead of busy


Take Action

11, 12, 13 July @ 11 AM NYC/ 16.00 London
45-60 min daily live training
BONUS DAY - Friday 14 July!

3 Days of action-packed training helping you to end this year like no other!

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Each day takes 45-60 minutes of your time only, but the time you get back from it is unparalleled. Finally, you’ll have the strategy to focus on all that truly matters for your business growth.

There’s a live training daily on Zoom and in a secured Facebook group, where you have the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences.

The CEO Plan Accelerator is designed for people just like you who are ready to take back control of all their outstanding projects, stop procrastinating and start focusing on those projects that make them money and start freeing up time.