Programs: “Be the CEO of Your Life” for Business Owners is for the business owner who wants to optimize their business and see more results

“Be the CEO
Your Life”
for Business Owners

Business coaching for the driven business owner who’s eager to successfully enhance their business and be proud of their achievement!
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Who needs it?

This is Performance Coaching for the busy CEO who’s over being a workaholic and craves to leverage their time to reach more people!

You are a busy CEO who is working all the time and desires to grow your business in less time. Your business is well established, and you’re happy with what you’ve reached so far. But you’re looking for ways to work fewer hours while still being able to expand your business.

“You are SOOOO DONE with doing it all, never having enough time and feeling drained at the end of the day.”

Each morning you wake up with plenty of energy – it’s yours!

You started this business. It is your dream come true. So, you go out there every day and give it your all. You go all in, all day long at 300%. You even skip breakfast, forget lunch, and all else as there’s so much to do, and you’re busy getting it done.

But then you come home, after a long day, and it feels like you haven’t achieved anything. Because, the important matters, next to the things you love to do - those still need to be done. It doesn’t matter how many hours you put in; it never seems enough. It’s draining.
And here’s where your frustration plays up. You are ready to elevate your business without the constant need to work. Without you having to do it ALL.


  • You are looking for ways to leverage your time, expand your business and impact more people, but you are also done with working all the time.

  • You know you’re capable of great things and are willing to step out of your comfort zone to grow your business.

  • You recognize the need for change and action.

Imagine If...

Instead of working 24/7, you now have finished your work by the end of the day. And you still have the evening to yourself. No need to feel any guilt as you know the work is done. You:

You can stop doing it all
You have put in the hours, and it is enough
You feel fulfilled, satisfied, and no longer drained after a productive day
You can finally focus on the CEO tasks at hand, the projects you love, and the reason why you started your business in the first place

Since you work fewer hours, you feel more energetic and have more time for yourself.
You allow yourself to work-out again, make time to see your friends, read those books that were gathering dust, all without any guilt or shame.
You’re able to bring your business to the next level in 20% less time.
You’ve streamlined your business, are focusing on your clients’ needs, and have your business running smoothly, while finally having some time away from work.

My CEO of Your Life is designed for people just like you who have a successful business but are done with working all the time.

You need this

Through this VIP Coaching, I’ll help you to:

Investigate and eliminate the bottlenecks that hold back growth in your business.
Obtain improved results.
Find 20% more time.
Go from being a drained CEO of your business to the relaxed CEO of your life
Let me AMAZE You!!

Not for you

This VIP Coaching is not for you if you:

Make less than 5K USD per month through your business and aren’t attracting new clients.
Don’t have a bigger vision for your business and struggle to take action.
Aren’t ready to dive deeply into your business with me to look for ways to improve.
Aren’t willing to give up being a workaholic.
Are not okay with change.

Tom Kowalski

Program Reviews

" Similar to a therapist, Yvonne is an accountability partner but with more business and consulting expertise. We partnered to overcome some challenges and develop a growth strategy. Through her guidance, I applied better practices that made an immediate impact, streamlined efficiencies, and reduced unnecessary business expenses by 75%, to name a few. Client service is highly valued to me, and Yvonne's VIP client care exceeded my expectations. With multiple daily accountability check-ins, and frequent meetings, I was able to achieve many important goals in a short time. I felt as though I were her only client and trusted she had my best interest in her heart. I was amazed at what I could manifest partnering with Yvonne that allows me to be a better CEO of my life and business.”

~ Founder & CEO at REP Cybersecurity Risk and Reputation


What you get when you join CEO of Your Life :

  • Business growth through further clarity, with a personalized strategy to obtain your results in less time.
  • All the support in the implementation of this strategy, to ensure you see your desired results showing up.
  • A streamlined business that eliminates time wasters, and an improved business model that fits both you and your clients’ needs.


  • At least 20% freed up time to: take some time off; spend time with your family; rejoin the sports club, or further integrate time back into your business (although after working with me, you find time to relax too!).


  • Personal Freedom!



Amazingly, as well as the hugely beneficial financial and time-saving outcomes, you’ll find that you’re feeling much more relaxed, composed and calm, which will translate into your marketing efforts and this will, in turn, help you attract a higher quality of client .


Here’s how the program works…

During this unparalleled VIP Coaching program, we’ll work together via Zoom calls and incidental written assignments.


STEP 1  Set up your personalized strategy

  • We start by taking a deep dive into the heart and soul of your business.


  • Through operations, to finances. Identifying bottlenecks hampering growth, and we start eliminating time wasters.

STEP 2  Focus on your client

  • We “lean” your business – the Japanese methodology that made Toyota a world-brand.


  • “Lean” puts your client first by removing all that is irrelevant to your client.


  • We identify activities which can be stopped, delegated, outsourced, or automated.


STEP 3  Team and Time Optimization

  • Team optimization is our next pivotal step, whether you work with freelancers or full-time employees.


  • We review the level of teams’ work, the amount of support given, and possible time saving opportunities.

STEP 4  Integrate the new way of working

  • We integrate and maintained this new streamlined business model.


  • We set up a healthy routine and schedule, to do the necessary work and still have time to enjoy life.


STEP 5  Set up success habits

  • Breaking the habit of always working is extremely difficult for high achievers.


  • We work on setting successful habits to sustain your new business and life approach.

STEP 6  Implement your leading mindset

  • Slipping into old thought processes is predictable.


  • We deal with the thoughts and processes that are consciously or unconsciously holding you back from expanding.


  • We provide the tools that allow you to break through these barriers, now and in the future.

Overview of all coaching sessions for The CEO of Your Life

  • Six months of VIP 1:1 personal coaching.


  • Kick-off session of 3 hours to set up your strategy.


  • 11 x bi-weekly Zoom sessions of 1.5 hours.


  • Continued personal access to me for questions, support, inspiration, and brain-picking through Voxer.


  • Personalized tools and assignments to accelerate your results.


  • All recorded coaching sessions and assignments stored in your VIP personalized Online Academy, with life-time access.
  • Time Invested (Hrs)
  • Time Freed (Hrs)

What do you invest?

Time Invested Vs Freed Up

  • Six months: At pre-arranged dates/times


  • Mon-Fri :  Unlimited access to me via Voxer throughout the program to ask me anything, at any time.


  • Weekends: Are for us to walk the talk and have champagne, chill, and experience quality time with our families.
  • Investment:   6,750 USD. Return on this is expected in full, within the first few months of the program, if not sooner. A payment plan is available. Monthly payments of 1,250 USD over six months can be discussed.


  • Invested Month One
  • Freed Month One
  • Invested Month Two
  • Freed Month Two

How do you achieve Freedom in your business?

I am Yvonne Dam, and I went from being a drained workaholic to being the CEO of my life. Working in leadership positions within multinationals for years, I was drilled into working hard, and continuously, until I burnt out.
That’s when I decided – no more! It took me 15 years to beat my work addiction.
Freedom followed.

Program Reviews

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Every single one of my clients first came to me thinking that they couldn’t possibly find 20% more time in a day and feel more relaxed and chilled out on the whole, and I have proven every single one of them wrong

6 months of VIP coaching in the “CEO of Your Life” helps even the most hectic business owner to expand their business in 20% less time. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

I look forward to hearing from you. Email me with any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A very fair question. And yes, you’ll have to invest time at first. In the end, all my clients end up saving time.

A lawyer I coached saved 55 hours a month by scratching time wasting activities which were not delivering any business – within one month of working with me!

Another client was continuously overdelivering to their clients – giving them precious time and advice without charging for any of it.
My coaching saved them 20% time and their income went up by 30%.

I’ll help you close your deal, any deal, by coaching you through it step by step. Together we work on your performance; helping you excel.

You didn’t come to where you are in your business today without knowing about your industry, your trade. But it’s easy to develop blind spots by being so close and deep inside your business.

Through my coaching, you will step back and get that much needed helicopter overview.

You’re good at what you do. My coaching will make you Amazing at what you do!

Great, you don’t have to explain it all.

When we work together, I am coaching you and we’re focusing on your performance. As you’re the CEO, it all begins and ends with you.

However, it’s likely that you might be the showstopper, without being aware of it.

We’ll look at you, your current schedule, and how you can easily gain extra time.

Together we see how we can optimize your planning so that you get the freedom you’re after.

The minimum time investment is 1.5 hours per 2 weeks. These are the coaching sessions.

On top of that, there may be occasions where you need to research certain aspects of your business that need improvement. These are areas where you’re currently wasting time, money or both. Once we fix these issues, any extra time invested, translates into time won or extra money made!

You’ve got this! I’ve got you!

I look forward to hearing your questions.