Embrace Life:

Say yes to the world; getting more time and energy to enjoy life.

I love life, adventure and exploring new things; discovering countries and meeting people. I love to work, spend time with my family and friends and to workout. I like to do it all and these days I can.

That was not always the case; I struggled to find the right balance. Even till the point that I suffered from a burnout. I then decided to start minimising and do less of everything. Found it quite boring and as soon as I regained energy I said yes again to everything and everyone. Which resulted in me becoming tired and annoyed again and I landed in a vicious circle.

Until I discovered what it was that made me loose my balance, my energy each time: I did not say yes to only those things I wanted, I said yes to all. Most of the times I did not even take myself into account whilst agreeing to something. As soon as I started to say yes to only those things I wanted and needed, my energy levels and fun improved significantly. What a revelation to discover this: saying yes to all and still being in balance is possible

This discovery has helped me tremendously and given me: freedom, focus and makes me feel good about myself. It allows me to get more done in less time and improved my relationships. But above all I have more energy and am in balance, allowing me to work as much as I want and still fully enjoy my family, friends and other fun elements of life.

I have captured the steps that got me there and bundled them into an amazing programme: Embrace Life.

Typical me

‘Life is a party, but you will have to put up your own charade’

  • I love champagne, I drink it to celebrate successes and simply to enjoy life

  • My daughter’s nicknames are: bouncing ball and cheeky. The meaning of her name is the loveliest. These three words, especially the last one, sum her up brilliantly

  • She calls me: peanut butter monster

  • I can indulge myself in a movie entirely; scream when it is eerie and weep when something moving or sad happens (which is remarkably often)

  • We got married on the magical island of Bali 

‘In the end all will be okay. If it is not okay yet, it is just not the end’

  • I love to travel

  • My bucket list shows only travel destinations

  • This year I have visited at least three of these bucket list destinations, among which Istanbul and Marrakech

  • I love driving, and I especially like taking corners fast!

  • Different cultures and backgrounds of people fascinate me

  • Ever since my burn-out I try to engage in things I would love to do as soon as I possibly can and which would otherwise end up on a bucket list. That is why I have subsequently: parasailed, driven a truck and made my own jewellery.

My mission:

‘Showing people they are good as they are’. As I believe each human being is good as he is. But sometimes we don’t see it ourselves anymore or we do not take the time to discover who we truly are and what we are dreaming of. We tend to focus only on what others want from us and loose ourselves along the way.

What we feel and where we are dreaming of resides in our heart, sometimes tucked away deep so we let mainly our mind guide us. Embrace Life is like a magnifying glass: it lets you work on what you are dreaming of, highlighting what’s in your heart and bridging mind and soul. It magnifies what you really want, allowing you to take the steps that get you there.'