Imagine.. One weekend away from it all.

Not too long but definitely long enough.. one weekend, just for you. A weekend to relax. A weekend to let go of it all. A weekend to reset yourself in the best surrounding. A weekend at the beach.

As soon as you step onto the beach, you immediately feel it. Tranquility taking over. Making your worries seem so futile, irrelevant almost. Urging you to let your guard down and to simply be, to let go of the overwhelm of making you forget all needs to be done, to simply enjoy.

A weekend just for you

This weekend is especially for you. It is tailored around you. 

A weekend to reset and unwind

You will be at your leisure whilst also being able to shape your future. Relaxing, enjoying good food and wine and meanwhile working on your plans to get ahead. Letting go of all that has been holding you back and taking into account all that has brought you so far. Working with all the possibilities that are already there. Making your workload doable, your stress levels low and boosting your confidence.

During this weekend you take a deep dive, where are you now and more importantly where do you want to be? How do you see your more successful self when you have reached your goals? Looking at where you make the most impact and what you can let go of (and trust me that is way more than you think) you come up with a plan, the desire to take action returns. This plan is doable; it provides the structure to work on your own terms and no longer be lived anymore.

Are you in for a weekend that does just that?

You see your future clear ahead, knowing what steps to take and feeling confident about getting there. The beauty of it is, you are not doing this alone. I will guide you and show you the blind spots you have been missing. Making difficult matters easy again. It is all about you and re-evaluating where you are now and making sure you feel reset and relaxed again.

You want it different, but don’t know how

Live your life on your terms
Make sure to feel alive again
Set yourself up for success and take a break

Book the “Be the CEO of your Life” retreat today

It will only take 2 days out of your busy schedule
But it will be a new beginning

Allowing you to take back control
and feel in control
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Reset & Relax Weekend:

  • Day 1

  • 9.00 Arrival at hotel & Check in

  • 10.00 Beautiful beach walk & coaching regarding your current state of affairs

  • 12.00 Amazing lunch at the beach with coaching on where do you see yourself a year from now

  • 14.00 Relaxation and crafting your successful you further

  • 17.00 Rejuvenating massage

  • 19.00 Fine Wine & Dine


    Day 2

  • Start the day with yoga / work-out or simply sleep in

  • 10.00 Delicious and nutritious breakfast

  • 11.00 Beach walk – Coaching on how to reach your goals

  • 13.00 Lovely lunch with practical planning and identification of the structure to get ahead and reach your dreams and goals

  • 15.00 Relax and unwind before returning home

Are you ready? Book your VIP retreat now

Starting date: limited dates available
Intake and assessment are required

I am so looking forward to work with you getting you ready for the next level. This weekend will transform your life. You will be experience a tranquility and a clarity, you have not felt in a long time. You know you are worth it. Book your call now. 

I am Yvonne Dam. I have worked for over 20 years in senior positions in the corporate world. Within finance, consultancy, HR and sales; and lately mainly in change management. My specialism is mindset and diversity – how to best use your uniqueness. 

Personally, I experienced a lot of occasions in my life and career where I chose to be the CEO of my life. When I was asked to join the partner programme within PwC and chose to travel the world instead.
The moment I emigrated to South Africa. There have been many times, where I decided to do what was best for me, and where I -against all odds- thrived. Let me help you thrive too. Book your Focus Call with me here. 

What others say about working with me:

Thanks to you I have doubled my monthly turn-over from €21.000 to €56.000. I feel more in control, on top of things and I can finally underpromise and overdeliver to my clients. I used to feel overworked, without clear financial insights. That has changed.


You got me to achieving my goals. Even though it was not always easy, it was always -WOW-. Joining was boarding a ship. I was at the steering wheel, and you supported me. At times the sea got rough, but you kept with me, guided me. I achieved so much more thanks to you.


Your live sessions are truly inspirational. It’s like you have a backpack full of knowledge and experience, from which you keep sharing. You always have an answer for each situation, despite the diversity. That is so amazing. 


I now have set up, not one, but two companies, whilst still employed. I have already sent out my first invoice to my raving clients. I have two new assignments waiting for me. This is just the beginning.


Thanks to you I have found a way to make my dream come through. I was buried in work, being in a senior management position as consultant, and never had time for anything. Due to our carefully planned strategy, I regained focus and I made it work. I have my work-life balance back, see my friends more often and still get to do what I love.


I do not know how you do it, but you always think of solutions, I did not come up with. I love working with you as you always get me further, where I would have given up a long time ago.