You are on a roll, working tirelessly on your goals. Then all of a sudden something happens. No big deal, you’ll just put what you are doing on hold, and help out.

Become the CEO of YOUR life

Only, this happens quite a lot. And it means your plans become more often than not plan B. Which is simply annoying.

It is in your nature, to help out. Nothing wrong with that. But it doesn’t have to mean that you always come second. It doesn’t always mean that it costs you.

Reaching your goals and working towards your dreams, is possible. Even:

if it is chaos around you
your love gets another job
you are in the middle of a move
your child needs you
you’re going through a break-up

Make sure to go after what YOU want!

You have one life, live it!

Live your life on your terms
Go after the things that are important to you
Without guilt, shame or excuses

YOU are WORTH it

Become the CEO of YOUR life

Determine your direction and enjoy. Life may take a different course, which is fine. But as CEO you determine where you are heading to. You make it ALL possible. Working on what is important to you, whilst dealing with the chaos. You CAN have it all!

In this Free CHALLENGE, I will show you how. How to keep going whilst everything around you is upside down. How to keep working on YOUR targets and how you become the CEO of your life.

This is the result of joining the challenge:

  • - FOCUS: you have a clear image of what you would like to achieve

  • - IMAGEyou know how it looks like when you have reached your goal

  • - MOTIVATION: you have decided this is what you go after, as you are so driven

  • - SUPPORT: you have let go off any limiting beliefs

  • - TEAMyou know who will support you to get ther

  • You know, do and feel what is right for you. In a way that suits you and that takes into account your current circumstances. You go after what YOU want and you know you get there.



Joining the party? Reserve your spot:

Starting date: 15 April
Every day @ 20.oo hrs GMT a short live video
With tips and an assignment

I am so looking forward to it! You will get so much out of it. And you’ll be able to achieve more afterwards. Going for what it is you want, guilt-free, shameless and with so much fun. Embrace life, YOUR life!

I am Yvonne Dam: entrepreneur, expat (wife) and mom. I enjoy my life, new adventures and always look at the bright side of life. Well mostly. After 3 international moves in 6 years, 7 times changing of jobs and 7 school changes, I know what chaos looks like. 

More importantly, I found a way to have it all. To keep working on your goals and pursuing your dreams. I will share from my wealth of experience.

What others say about working with me:

I do not know how you do it, but you always think of solutions, I did not come up with. I love working with you as you always get me further, where I would have given up a long time ago.


Your live sessions are truly inspirational. It's like you have a backpack full of knowledge and experience, from which you keep sharing. You always have an answer for everyone, despite our diverse group. That is so amazing. 


I get so much out of your live videos. It is your power to go live. Of all that I have followed from you, these live sessions I value the most. You share a wealth of information and it just has that extra something. Thank you so much.


You got me to achieving my goals. Even though it was not always easy, it was always -WOW-. Joining was boarding a ship. I was at the steering wheel, and you supported me. At times the sea got rough, but you kept with me, guided me. I achieved so much more thanks to you.