Career Coaching


Looking to finally land a job that will make you happy?

Are you looking for a job that suits you, one where you will be appreciated for who you are and which allows you to be true to yourself?

Then I will take you there!

“Yvonne is a strong coach and it was a pleasure to work with her. She is very easy to get on with and has a warm personality, she is also very honest, open and challenging if need be. I would recommend her. Particularly for someone trying to get ahead in his career.”

Senior Manager People Analytics, PwC Richard Prentice

“Yvonne has the natural ability to ask questions at exact the right moment; questions that get you closer. Besides Yvonne has a ‘down-to-earth’ approach, which is very refreshing. Her outstanding listening skills and her respectful ways make her an excellent coach!”

Much ’n More-rounder e.g. NLP Coach, Lawyer and Mediator Marischka Scheltus

Who am I?

I encourage people to focus on what you really want to achieve and help them to achieve it. From my own experience I know that as soon as you start focusing on what you really want, you realise that you’d like to change all that does not suit you anymore. As such you may also come to the conclusion that your current career or workplace is not right for you. You are looking to be true to yourself at all times, especially at work. You are ready to have all your talents embraced and recognised and you don’t want to pretend any longer you are someone who essentially you are not.

I have done this myself a couple of times, changed my career and headed into a totally different direction. I began my career as tax lawyer, set-up an oil- and gas practice and fulfilled various all-round and specialist sales functions. I continued my career as change management consultant focusing mainly on the implementation. Then I founded a practice in South-Africa in all round HR advice and worked in London as cultural transformation consultant, with the emphasis on diversity.

Currently as coach I am as happy as can be. I love variety and diversity, I have lived in four different and worked in multiple countries. My work is important to me and doing the right kind of work is even more important.

Is work also important to you, and are you looking for work that suits you? Do you want to make a career change or are you looking for a work environment that takes you for who or what you are? Then I would be delighted to help you. I am also your go-to-person if you are thinking about an international career.

Yes! I love to guide you to the job that really suits you. It makes me happy if I may support you with:

Pursuing an international career

Fast tracking your next promotion

Being you in all your glorious diverse ways

Switching careers

“I got to know Yvonne well and would describe her as a reliable person with integrity. She connects easily with people irrespective of their level or background within an organisation. Yvonne will brainstorm with you and gets you to stay open to alternative ways. She radiates seniority in all she does.”

Member of the board within the Education Society Amersfoort Ina Vogelzangs

“Thanks to you I started to believe in my dream again. It was your coaching that made me see opportunities to turn this dream into reality and into a job that suits me.”

Your Career Coaching Approach to landing your desired job

Yes! You are keen to change jobs! I am happy to hear that you are choosing what you really want, and I would love to guide you to get there.

Each career coaching approach is especially designed; the set-up will be determined together with you. All my coaching projects are tailored to your personal needs.

In case you are working towards your dream job or promotion for a long time already, you might need less guidance from my side. Perhaps you are only aiming for assistance with the final steps, which could reduce the number of sessions. Should you still be at the beginning of your job search and cannot wait to start; we might work together on a more regular basis.

An other matter to take into account is what you are aiming to achieve: are you focused on being promoted, looking for a job abroad, landing the job where you can be yourself or do you want to switch careers? It all asks for a personalised approach with a relevant time frame and the right amount of coaching sessions. Call me to discuss what approach would work for you best.

Amaze Yourself!

When you are looking for your dream job, call, app or email me.
Together we can look at the road ahead that will get you further.