Why Taking a Break is so Important, even when you are building your emporium business

Do what you love and make time to enjoy life

I coach entrepreneurial people to enjoy life. More freedom, time and money for you by letting you focus on what matters most, that is what I do. And I love it. I love it so much that I do not mind working at all. I would love to work on it day and night, that is how much I love it. 

Sure there are things I am not really crazy about but interacting with you, that is what I love. But I still need to make time to just enjoy life.


Travelling always great fun but..

So this past week was a roller-coaster ride: training new coaches for 2 days in the Netherlands, flying back late. It was inspiring and yet tiring. To practise what I preach, instead of continuing to work: I slowed down. Wednesday I had a whole day, just for me. Doing not much other than taking naps, reading a book and chatting.


Keep Going

Full speed ahead on Thursday and Friday. Pause again as on Friday night: it was date night. I went to this amazing concert that made me forget about anything else. I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere, the music, being there and had an amazing time.


Even in the weekend..

Saturday I hosted two webinars on LinkedIn, which went great (even though I nearly lost my voice as singing on top of your longs does not go well with presenting for 3 hours afterwards). The rest of the weekend, I relaxed. Saturday in my garden with my family and Sunday in the park with friends.

I just love speed

Even though I always need to remind myself, I just love the speed that comes with running a company followed by the slowing down that comes with being me. I need recharging and re-energising on a regular basis. And I know it works, it works for me and it also works for you.


You are only half way!

So if you are a hard worker like me, have an entrepreneurial spirit and like to get things done. Congratulations, you are halfway there. Trust me when I say: only half-way. To go the extra mile, to really get the results you have been looking for, both in your company and outside of it: you need to relax. You need to unwind and make time for you to thoroughly enjoy yourself.


What Me-time have you planned?

If you are reading this: when was the last time you enjoyed yourself? What have you planned for fun, relaxation and unwinding these coming days? If you want to receive 3 tips to start enjoying your life more click here. I will give you 3 personalised tips to start enjoying yourself more. Especially now you are conquering the world with your excellent work.


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