Embrace Life


Living a good life,

Yet time is always running out, leaving you stressed and out of balance


“Today I started with the Embrace Life programme of Amaze Yourself. Made myself a cup of cappuccino with some chocolate. Everything comes together already. I’m impressed with the quality of the programme. I full heartedly recommend it!”


“Just finished my first coaching conversation with Yvonne, after starting Friday with her online coaching programme ‘Embrace Life’. Amazing how this feels: liberating and clarifying! I am so motivated to take further action!”


Recognise this?

  • You’re living a good life with a loving partner and great friends.. However, there never seem to be enough hours in a day, let alone time to do the things you truly love or a moment to be on your own.

  • You were aiming to go to the gym, yet before you knew it your diary was fully booked again, leaving you no other choice than to work late and forget the gym all together.

  • You feel as if you are continuously running around, rushing from one meeting to the next. Making you feel as if you’re participating in a rat race. It never seems to stop and sometimes you wonder whether you’re even heading in the right direction.

The solution:

  • Focus on what YOU really want in life allowing you to enjoy more. 

  • You determine what it is you’re dreaming of.

  • You move forward purposely towards your newly defined goals, resulting in more energy.

  • You get ahead in your job/own company and feel good and fit again.

  • You will experience balance and enjoy yourself more.

Embrace Life!

Who am I?

I love going out with friends. Spending time with my love and cheeky monkey, who has just turned six. I also like running (or rather the feeling afterwards). I have a full-time job, a loving family and an unstoppable desire to discover new restaurants and other countries. These days my life feels in balance, which has not always been the case.

Balance has always been an issue for me. Or better said a lack of balance. I love life and I love to live life to the fullest. I got a burnout as a result, which made me stop altogether. I did not like it, thought it was boring doing next to nothing. Until I discovered it could be done differently as well, by only saying YES to the right things. By focusing on what I really wanted so that I could embrace life.

Now most days I am full of energy. Above all I thoroughly enjoy my life and I am aware of what works and doesn’t work for me. All tools and experiences that got me here have been summarised in a beautiful programme. Embrace Life is my personal motto and my programme for you.


In the Embrace Life training you will go through the following 6 modules:

module 1

What do you really want?

-Fly me to the moon-

Get your dreams clear. Gain insight in your current balance in life and determine your desired balance.

Determine the steps to get you there, towards the life YOU want to live.


module 2

When do you feel in balance?

-Follow your heart and get in flow-

Get rid of stress and create balance by meditation and mindfulness exercises. All geared towards and thus implementable in busy and full lives.

module 3

What do you want to achieve work wise?

-Be the star, you know you are!-

Determine your work goals and the steps to get you there. Zoom in on your visibility.


Expert and photographer Nicole Minneboo: ‘Making yourself visible starts with a good headshot! How to turn your weaker points into strengths.’

extra module 1

Let LinkedIn work for you!

-Let your network promote you-

Learn how to use LinkedIn to become more visible and attract new clients. Tailored towards employees and entrepreneurs.

module 4

How can you get more done in less time?

-Time management made easy-

Get active with time management tools. How to create time and get a better balanced life? Enhance speed by slowing down.

module 5

What do you enjoy in life?

-Embrace Life, it’s a party-

Reflect on what it is that makes you happy and how to fully enjoy this. Ensure you hold onto your happiness.

module 6

What do you need to feel good?

-I feel good like I know I would-

Determine what you need to feel good about yourself and come up with the steps that get you there.


– Expert and dietician Bella McCudden: ‘Your balanced weight by choosing the right kind of food.’

-Expert and health coach Remy Draaijer: ‘How becoming fit, also fits into your life.’

extra module 2

Let’s fall in love!

-Improve your relationship, starting with you-

Learn to improve your relationship, starting with you! How do you deal with the inner-voice telling you, you cannot? How to set boundaries? How can the two of you start enjoying yourselves again?

I understand that you as an entrepreneur have different priorities than you as an employee. Therefore I have tailor-made the modules with specific workbooks and videos to suit both entrepreneurs and employees.

What benefits do you get from the Embrace Life programme?

  • You have more energy, by doing what YOU like and what makes YOU happy

  • You improve your relationships with the people surrounding you, starting with the most important relationship with yourself!

  • You feel energized and great at work as you’re moving towards your goals

  • You’ll become fit and slim thanks to the tips of the experts

  • You save time and get more done

“Yvonne is an amazing coach. When I had a question she always made time for me and gave me constructive feedback. Yvonne is someone who is sincerely interested in me and cares about me. Thank you for a great experience.”


Associate People & Organisation with PwC Jessica Garbett

“Your support has shown me that my challenges and difficulties are human and as such it’s okay to face these. This has helped me to deal with any issues I encountered and in the end to even embrace them.”


This programme is intended for you


    • You live life to the fullest, say yes to everything but you feel completely drained
    • You have a good job, where you do not achieve what you want
    • You have a lot of plans, that do not come to fruition at all
    • You are experiencing a lot of stress, but you do not have any time to deal with it
    • You know life is a party, but it really does not feel like one at the moment

Embrace Life is for you if you want to put yourself number 1 for once

How do you want to participate?

Fly Solo

-Do it yourself-
  • Complete online programme with 6 modules and 3 guest lectures

  • 2 bonus tools: More time and less stress

  • 3 x group Q&A

  • x
  • x
  • x

Fast Forward

-Together you are faster-
  • Complete online programme with 6 modules and 3 guest lectures

  • 2 bonus tools: More time and less stress

  • 4 x group coaching

  • Secret Facebook Group

  • x
  • x

Royal Treatment

-Receive attention as a true Royal-
  • Complete online programme with 6 modules and 3 guest lectures

  • 2 bonus tools: More time and less stress

  • 6 x individual coaching

  • Secret Facebook Group

  • “Effortless Visibility” – module

  • “Let’s Fall in Love” – module

Personal attention for you

I am longing to do this together with you! I think it is great that you have chosen to live the life you really want. I am so looking forward to helping you with that. I want to get to know you and assist you in dreaming, inventing and achieving in what you want. That is personal and that is why I only work with 1-to-1 coaching or in smaller groups. That is the reason why there are only limited spaces in the ‘Royal Treatment’ and ‘Fast Forward’ version. This enables me to truly help you.


Start date


Momentarily, there is a waiting list for all programmes. When you are interested, and you want to be kept updated on the new release date, register by emailing me <<here>>.


“I highly recommend the personal coaching by Yvonne. She is capable of connecting your business (and personal ambitions) with personal development. Every day as an entrepreneur I am facing new challenges. It can be very helpful to have someone support you. The main advantages for me were: the personal contact, the flexibility to arrange the approach to my preference and the down-to-earth and practical approach. Yvonne is a lovely person: ambitious, business-focused in a healthy way and overall and foremost human, down-to-earth, honest, warm, and inspirational.”

Dutch Speaking Champion, Presenter- Chief of Speeches – Trainer Marije Wielenga

“Before I started this programme, I found it very difficult to make time to meditate. Even though I knew that meditation would help me and was good for me, I just felt too busy and did not allow myself the time. The Embrace Life programme has taught me that it is possible to incorporate meditation in my life. Now every morning I meditate, for a short while, with the meditation from your programme. It really works! I feel a lot calmer and I can handle the stress better. I am really happy with it!”

Important data:

Momentarily there is a waiting list for all programmes. When you are interested, and you want to be kept updated on the new release date, register by emailing me <<here>>.


Fly Solo, Q&A sessions:

  • New dates to be released

Fast Forward, group coaching:

  • New dates to be released

The Royal Treatment, 1-to-1 coaching:

  • Your individual coaching sessions will take place every two weeks, between the release of the modules. We’ll plan together when these will take place.

All coaching sessions will be held via video calling. A personal way to connect, allowing you to attend a session everywhere you are around the world. No time loss, or any stress due to traffic or train delays. 

Register now by clicking the button.


I really would like to join, but I am not sure whether I have the time available?

You will get out of the course what you put in. As such the more time and energy you invest, the better your results. Would you not be able to invest 1.5 to 2 hours on average per week (the equivalent of watching a movie on television), perhaps it is better to postpone your participation till the next round.

The training and coaching are online, how do I know whether this suits me?

The advantage of the web-based academy is that you’re able to work on the training whenever and wherever you want. This is multiplied by the effect of online coaching: you’re avoiding travel time, no more parking or public transport problems and we can meet wherever you want. It is ideal for people with a busy and full live.

During the intake conversation you can determine whether online coaching is also for you.

I am in doubt whether I should join or not?

Call me so we can determine your feasibility factor. I will not try to persuade you to join, as I only want to work with people who are motived and full of enthusiasm!

It is not that easy to change my life

I understand. That is why you are in control. I will provide you with the information and exercises but you will determine which steps and actions are suitable for you. This allows you to ensure the steps are doable and once these have been incorporated in your life, you can move on to the next. Furthermore you can choose for intensive coaching within the Royal Treatment version allowing me to support you even better in reaching your goal.

Can we discuss which version suits my situation best?

Yes please! I look forward to discussing this with you. Contact me so we can go over this together.

I’ve already booked a holiday in this period?

You and I plan our meetings together, taking into account holidays and leaves of absence. Should you choose the Fast Forward version then we will investigate the possibilities within your group.

I think it sounds great but I am thinking more of a different approach towards personal coaching. Would that be possible as well?

I would love to hear what’s on your mind, contact me so we can go over this together.

“I especially liked your time-management tool. This tool from the programme has given me more self-confidence, which has made it easier for me to make decisions. It has helped me, and still helps me to define my goals. I am tranquil and more focussed enabling me to get loads more done. When I actually don’t want to do something, I have learned to say No!”

“By following your Embrace Life programme I have embarked on a journey allowing me to overcome barriers which used to be in my way. Your programme has helped me to see that I am ready for the next step. I have reached that point to take that step. Finally! I am so excited! The beauty of it is that through your programme I have already been able to move in the right direction.”

“You being amazing! That is what makes Amaze Yourself!”


Do you have any further questions?

Great I would love to hear from you! Call, WhatsApp or mail me. 

(tel:0044 (0)7951 036781) WhatsApp-calls are free of charge or click here to email me immediately



Your registration will be final, upon receipt of payment. Amaze Yourself has developed this training with the outmost care and dedication, aiming to let you focus on what matters most, thus bringing you a more balanced lifestyle and allowing you to fully enjoy life. With your registration you declare that you understand Amaze Yourself or Yvonne Dam cannot be held responsible or guarantee your personal growth, your balanced lifestyle or any other envisioned result as a consequence of participating in the Embrace Life Programme. It is your own responsibility to be able to attend the meetings and gatherings as proposed.