Done with running around?
Take a time-out
have some ME-Time

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7 easy steps to feel relaxed

The quickest way to really get some time

Just for YOU

- Even if it is only 5 minutes a day, it makes me feel AMAZING -

What this checklist gets you:

* An instant Time OUT

* 7 Easy Implementable Steps

* Template for More Happy Moments

 * Your Gateway to feel more relaxed instantly

"Taking some ME-Time every day, has helped me to feel great!"

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Work-Life Balance Expert Yvonne Dam:

"This Checklist helps you to take that time-out and to have a moment just for you. It allows you to re-energise, to relax and to do what you feel like doing there and then. It will let you Enjoy Your Life."

Performance Coaching- Be the CEO of your life _Yvonne Dam - Success and Focus

"I used to forget: taking some time just for me. Er is​ always something that needs to be done, needs my attention. With these tips, I am having more and more ME-time!" 

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