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Who needs it?

Executive coaching will help you climb the next successful step up your career ladder.

Whether it is guiding you towards that promotion you’ve had your eye on; being fully recognized for all your worth; having a sounding board for your ideas or planning for your future. I am here to help.

I started my corporate career as an international tax lawyer in one of the top 3 global audit firms. Ambitious as I am, I climbed the corporate ladder quickly while also embarking on different career opportunities. I held several senior positions in Finance, HR, Sales & Business Development, Consulting, Performance, and Change Management.

Within my 25 years in the corporate world, I worked in many industries, Fortune 500 companies, and different countries. I’ve lived and worked in Johannesburg, New York, Durban, London, and the Netherlands.

I have survived a full burnout and every mistake in the book you can make. I told myself every lie and B.S. excuse for why I had to work (late again) until I decided no more.

It took me 15 years to beat my work addiction.

I have survived a full burnout and every mistake in the book you can make. I told myself every lie and B.S. excuse for why I had to work (late again) until I decided no more.

Coaching is what I love to do best, and that’s why I started my own coaching business.

The Executive

My experience in the coaching of high-achieving executives spans a broad range of topics, and I’d love to hear what you need help with so that I can tailor-make the coaching program to suit your requirements.

These are some of the areas often discussed:

Improving your work-life balance. Stop working 24/7

I wish I could say I don’t have personal experience here. But as you have seen, I have plenty! I would like to show you how to move away from a continuous work cycle.

I am here to show you the shortcuts. Find the time. Leverage your workday to be efficient, allowing you freedom and time for yourself.

Dealing with internal politics – mastering the game

When you want to climb the ladder and reach that top position, you need to play the game. You need to be noticed, seen, and appreciated by the right people in your organization to get to that next step.


Together we will draft a plan to involve the key stakeholders in your organization and to keep them up to date on your achievements. We’ll work on finding your ambassadors so that your career soars without you putting in all the effort you’re currently doing.

Being seen for the value you bring – irrespective of your gender, race, age, sexual orientation, or religion.

You have so much to offer, and you’re incredibly valuable.

I am here to help you be seen for who you truly are, for what you have to offer, and to show the world how truly amazing you are, without any views being obscured by anything else.

So far, I helped my clients who were facing issues due to people they loved, the way they looked, their age, or beliefs. If you’re facing a less inclusive environment let me help you too.

My coaching is personal.

Through many executive coaching sessions, I have found that every executive, and the challenges they face, are unique.

To ensure a good fit, I am inviting you to set up a quick 30-minute free call with me, so you can tell me about your goals and the issues you are dealing with.

We’ll draft your personalized executive coaching program based on your requirements. Depending on the complexity of your challenges, the coaching will last, in general, between 3 to 6 months.

Whatever it is: strong relationships with your stakeholders, needing to motivate your talented and diverse team, wanting strong adaptive leadership skills. Let me help you.

Have you Landed? Are you there yet?

I would like to get you to that next step up the ladder!


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I am Yvonne Dam.

I am here to help you with further successes.

I've held leadership positions for many years, yet it took me 15 years to beat my work addiction.

A profound change happened within myself when I decided no more!

My Journey

I established a successful business while working less; and I’ll never go back!

My journey to building a successful business while living a good life, took many long and windy paths, and I made plenty of mistakes along the way before I finally found focus.

Let me show you how you can do it without the mistakes – let me show you the successful shortcuts. We will strengthen your success foundations together so that you’ve got everything in place to forge ahead as the powerful executive you are.

I have made it my mission to show you that you don’t have to work 24/7 to get the results you’re after.