My book has been published, and I am so proud of it! It’s a quick read and contains practical information; as you know me, I don’t like a lengthy or theoretical nuisance.

If you want to hear more about the book are ready to join a party, then come tomorrow , March 4, to my online book launch party. It’s going to be fun and entertaining, and yes, you can win prizes too!

Let me share one of my favorite practices with you that helps you to Fast Forward your Focus.

How to bring back focus

When you’re feeling unfocBook Launch - Yvonne Damused right now, the best thing to do is stop. Yes, don’t go on thinking it will all fall into place. It won’t.

Stop working.

Look at your to-do list, and ask yourself for each task on the list:

1. Do I really want to do this? If not, then simply stop. Take it off your to-do list and move on to the next thing.

2. If I don’t want to do this, but I have to do it anyway, then ask yourself – do I have to do it? Or can I outsource or delegate it? Then, if you can, do it!

3. If you need to do this and feel it should be you, then make it fun! Yes, you heard that right; make it pleasurable. If you think that’s impossible, consider 1. Stop working on it.

Many of your to-do items have been erased when you’ve gone over the list, and you have been honest with yourself. If this hasn’t happened yet, buy my book and get started or do it again.

Too often, we capture ourselves by our “ought to do’s” and “should do’s,” by which we block out our “love to do’s” and “can do’s.”

This methodology is called the traffic light and is one of the methods discussed in my book.

I love to help you free yourself from all your “should do / have to / ought to do” and get you more into your power zone where you operate from strength to strength, and you simply do, focus, and get the results.

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Amaze Yourself,


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