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Work Less, Earn More, LIVE BETTER

CEO Strategy Aligned with Action, Ease, and Results

Successful Entrepreneurs Scaling Their Business by Working Smarter

You’ve brought your business to this level of success.

You’re a visionary. Yet, the day-to-day running of the business no longer lights you up.

You feel constantly busy, neglecting your other projects or businesses.

That’s why you need some help, to improve your organization, to boost your effectiveness.

What you need is someone to provide week to week structure of priorities.

Someone who is your sounding board to help you achieve higher productivity in less time.

A coach who can provide you with a flexible structure to work smarter, not harder.

You want someone who can help you learn how to structure your priorities every week.

Someone who is your personal sounding board to help you achieve higher productivity.

A coach who can provide you with a flexible structure to work smarter, not harder.

Freedom Code - From a Client

My client had a company based in Barcelona with a branch in Mexico. We started with the Work Less, Live More Plan. In this early phase, we determined he already had a plan in place, but no one to walk through it and strategize with them. Everyone needed him, he was always pressed for time and wanted to expand. He knew his lack of personal organization was interfering with his ability to achieve his next level of business success.

Our Plan and What He Achieved

  • We had a call every week to discuss life and business.
  • Each week a prioritization plan was put in place.
  • He expanded his team and his company expanded to New York and India.

Your Business is in Multiple Countries

We determine what tasks are priorities to scale and free up your schedule.

We prioritize tasks and free up your schedule.

You find the balance between all your responsibilities- your core business, side projects, and personal life.

Work Less, Live More, and receive support in building up your company.

High Achiever's Freedom Code

Let's Make Your Vision a Reality

To work with someone who listens to you and asks you questions so you can use your time more efficiently.

To work with someone with international experience for your global expansion who can help with cultural differences.

To work smarter, enjoy life, and continue to grow your business.

We create a plan that fits your needs and genius.

We work together weekly to create priorities to open up time in your schedule, while your business steadily grows.