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Work Less, Earn More, LIVE BETTER


I am here for the rebels, the different thinkers, the ones that never feel they completely belong.

They want to do it their way and not be prescribed how to do it.

I help them to refine their strategy and strength from within themselves.

They know deep down they are making a difference, and they are ready to make an even bigger impact.

They want to do it by being 100%, completely, and unapologetically themselves.

I help them make more money while growing and having fun just being their amazing selves.


I’m Yvonne Dam – Executive and Business Coach

I help driven business owners and CEOs scale their businesses and free up their time. My clients are looking to make a bigger impact while working smarter. My strategies help them achieve greater business results, clear priorities, and overall life satisfaction. They work smart, earn more, and live better.

My Coaching Programs

My coaching programs are designed with your unique circumstances in mind. I understand that we all face different challenges on our journey to success. That’s why each program is tailored to address your specific obstacles and help you overcome them. The ultimate aim is to help you achieve the life you’ve always envisioned without compromising on your business success.

I am passionate about coaching and sharing my expertise with you to guide you to embrace life fully. Are you ready to raise your income with more time to enjoy life?

Yvonne Dam – Founder

Results based on where you are today and where you want to be.

You want to scale your business by working smarter.

You know you need a flexible structure.

You need to talk through your priorities with someone who understands.

You want someone with international experience who can handle cultural differences.

You need to Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Tired of Zoom?

Join me in SPAIN for a Personal Retreat!

I offer a 2-day Personal Retreat

Just you and your business, balancing relaxation with progress in your business.

We provide an apartment for you to use a private bathroom, kitchenette, bedroom, and living space.

I offer this for my 1-on-1 Coaching Clients.

Or are you looking for Group Accountability?

Get Sh*t Done Club

Contact Yvonee Dam image is of Yvonne sitting and owring on her laptop at an outdorr bistro.

Bring your business to the next level, by getting the important things done, keeping your focus, and releasing what is holding you back.

Take control.Get Sh*t Done Club” is for you if you are DONE with never finishing your work while procrastinating with things that don’t matter. You are ready to finish the projects you’re working on without wanting to work more hours. You dream of working less and making more.

Yvonne offers a wide range of programs

Checkout our full list below

Who We Love to Work With

People who don’t seem to quite fit in. Maybe you know you are neurodivergent, or maybe you suspect something isn’t like everybody else.

Maybe you have worked with other coaches and they didn’t quite get you or your way of thinking through a problem.

It’s okay. I have worked with …