Allow yourself to Pause and Breathe for a Moment

No deadlines, no actionable items, no calls, and no emails. Just you.

Make a conscious decision to make a change

Start working on making more of an impact

Put your strengths to work

Bring back the joy

Have more fun

Be the CEO of YOUR life

It’s all there, you know it is. But now you just have to work so damn hard for it. Just getting it out is exhausting. You’re done with it. And even though you can go on, you know you cannot. You don’t want to continue living as you do now. You know you should work less, drink less, use less and work out more, or just start by eating healthier. 

You want to! But it is hard

You’ve tried. Of course, you have, but it is just so damn busy. When you do ever have enough time for anything?

It puts a strain on you. You’ve become this stranger, this gnarling person to the people around you. It seems the more they care about you, the nastier you get. You cannot help it, not really, but you try…

You do want it different, and that’s what you’ll get. If you take back control. Be the CEO of your life!

You want it different, start taking back control

Live your life on your terms
Go after the things that are important to you
Without guilt, shame or excuses

Live YOUR Life by YOUR Rules

Determine your direction and enjoy. Life may take a different course, which is fine. But as CEO you determine where you are heading to. You make it ALL possible. Working on what is important to you, whilst dealing with the chaos. You CAN have it all!

Be the CEO of YOUR life

As you already have experienced how difficult it can be to get there alone, I am offering you a unique possibility. Work with me 1-on-1 to get the results you are after.

These are the results you get from working with me:

  • FOCUS: You have a different approach to your work. Allowing you to get better results and make more impact, by focussing on making a difference

  • STRATEGYYou have freed up time by having a strategy, a structure with optimised processes as well as better working routines

  • MONEYYou make more money, have more satisfied customers with putting in less effort whilst your stress levels have diminished

  • SUPPORT: You are home more often, spending time with your family and truly be there. Not distracted and completely aware of what’s going on

  • MOTIVATIONYou have regained the joy in your life, without needing the excess amounts of food, alcohol or whatever else you’ve used to numb the pain and to deal with the stress

  • YOUYou finally feel like yourself again, the better version of you; bold, eager and ready to take on the world


    You know, do and feel what is right for you. You are in control >> You are the CEO of your life <<

Are you ready? There are two ways of achieving this

Starting date: 2 November
Intake and assessment are required

I know you are worth it! And I am so looking forward to get you to your next level. This will transform your life. You will be able to achieve even more than you can think of right now. Going for what it is you want, guilt-free, shameless and with so much fun. Embrace life, YOUR life!

I am Yvonne Dam. I have worked for over 20 years in senior positions in the corporate world. Within finance, consultancy, HR and sales; and lately mainly in change management. My specialism is mindset and diversity – how to best use your uniqueness. 

Personally, I experienced a lot of occasions in my life and career where I chose to be the CEO of my life. When I was asked to join the partner programme within PwC and chose to travel the world instead.
The moment I emigrated to South Africa. There have been many times, where I decided to do what was best for me, and where I -against all odds- thrived. Let me help you thrive too.

What others say about working with me:

Thanks to you I have double my monthly turn-over from €21.000 to €56.000. I feel more in control, on top of things and I can finally underpromise and overdeliver to my clients. I used to feel overworked, without clear financial insights.


You got me to achieving my goals. Even though it was not always easy, it was always -WOW-. Joining was boarding a ship. I was at the steering wheel, and you supported me. At times the sea got rough, but you kept with me, guided me. I achieved so much more thanks to you.


Your live sessions are truly inspirational. It’s like you have a backpack full of knowledge and experience, from which you keep sharing. You always have an answer for each situation, despite the diversity. That is so amazing. 


I now have set up, not one, but two companies, whilst still employed. I have already sent out my first invoice to my raving clients. I have two new assignments waiting for me. This is just the beginning.


Thanks to you I have found a way to make my dream come through. I was buried in work, being in a senior management position as consultant, and never had time for anything. Due to our carefully planned strategy, I regained focus and I made it work. I have my work-life balance back, see my friends more often and still get to do what I love.


I do not know how you do it, but you always think of solutions, I did not come up with. I love working with you as you always get me further, where I would have given up a long time ago.