Improve Work-Life Balance


This eBook gets you:

* Clarity on your goals

* To Set the right priorities

* To Stop procrastination

* More time

The work-life balance you’ve been looking for

Done with running around? Take back control

Author Yvonne Dam:

These steps got me from an exhausted workaholic to feeling free and enjoying my life & work and am certain they’ll work for you too.

The book consists of all the steps that I’ve used personally. 

Looking for extra time? This is for You!

“The book is written for people who don’t have time like me so 

I enjoyed reading it.. It flows well and is easy to read.

The layout is beautiful. “

~ Tom

“I’m enjoying my life more, now that I have my focus back!

My calendar is no longer in control of my life.

I’m in control of my calendar and my time.”

~ Ed

I never realized that taking breaks would have such a positive effect.

 I now have so much more energy at the end of the day.”