VIP Private Coaching Program

You are always ‘switched on’ – even when you are on holiday or spending time with family at the weekend. Work is always on your mind, and while you don’t necessarily think this is a ‘bad thing’ right now, you understand that it is not ideal for the long term and you would prefer to be able to switch off sometimes.

Your business is currently doing well in the sense that you have a respectable number of clients and making a reasonable amount of money.

However, you want to make more money each month – at least double what you’re already making – but you feel like you’re so busy with your current work that you wouldn’t be able to take on any extra clients to reach your financial targets.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day!

You know that the obvious answer to this is to explore outsourcing some aspects of your business and streamlining other areas, but you’re not great at relinquishing control and may have been called a ‘control freak’ at points in your life.

Perhaps you’ve invested in several freelancers in order to share the load, but didn’t find the quality you were after, and as such found it too difficult to hand over control. You would love to have your own qualified team in place that delivers the service level you’re after (but can’t afford this just now).

Start taking back control

You value quality in your business and being the absolute best version of yourself for your clients, but often wonder whether the fact that you’re working so hard and so often to keep everything afloat is causing the quality of your work to deteriorate. It would be devastating to you if a client was unhappy with your service – after all, you are fantastic at what you do, and that’s why you’re so busy with your client work.

  • You will at least double your income while drastically reducing your hours, and you’ll see very rapid, positive changes in the way you run your business and the money you’re able to make within just the first month of us working together.

  • As well as the hugely beneficial financial and time-saving outcomes, you’ll find that you’re approaching your work feeling much more relaxed, composed and calm, which will translate into your marketing efforts and this will, in turn, help you attract a higher quality of client – whether you believe it or not!

  • Every single one of my clients first came to me thinking that they couldn’t possibly double their income whilst reducing their working hours and feeling more relaxed and chilled out on the whole, and I have proven every single one of them wrong!

Here’s how you become the CEO of YOUR Life

During the programme which is frankly unparalleled, we’ll work together via several written assignments and Zoom calls – which you can record and keep – for 12 weeks. The first month we focus on strategy, during weekly calls. Thereafter, for 8 weeks, we work on implementation and mindset with bi-weekly calls.


Further coaching details

The investment for this offer is $2400 per month which I expect you to make back in full within the first few weeks of the program, if not sooner.

The right person for this program will at minimum double their income and reduce their working hours in their first month of working with me when they implement everything to their fullest efforts.

Fully Committed

  • $6480
  • Pay in full
  • Receive a 10% discount
  • 3 or 6 months program
Fast speed
  • $2400 per month
  • For 3 months
  • Weekly coaching
  • Online Academy



  • $1200 per month
  • For 6 months
  • Bi-weekly coaching
  • Personalized assignments