How would you feel if you get all the work done?

By working on the most important and impactful actions. Doing the things that attract clients that make your business grow and feeling good about it, as you stopped working relentlessly.

You’re working steadily on your goals daily and what needs to be done gets done. You bring in the results you desire, while you get to enjoy the results in peace.

This MasterMind is perfect for you if you want to...

Embrace the feeling of accomplishment, working on and taking those actions that are most important to bring your business to the next level. When you are ready to:

  • finally work effortlessly on your goals
  • bring back focus in your daily routine
  • get the most important and impactful actions done, ever day instead of sporadically
  • drop the struggle
  • stop beating yourself up for not doing enough when you’re working 24/7
  • change your ways to become more effective in less time

How can ‘It IS Your Time’ elevate your business?

When I started my business I knew all about saving time, making work easier and time-management. Yet, I found myself procrastinating a lot and wasting time on seamless unimportant matters.

I had to learn that often we as business owners are blocked by something deeper, on an unconscious level even. Yes, there are many tools and techniques that help you to focus and get things done. But when these fail, we need to eliminate the root cause.

life coaching online - online life coach - life coach online - Verhoog jouw werkgeluk in 3 snelle stappen

When I figured that out, when I got to understand my behavior and what drove me to procrastinate, I could shift. It’s amazing and it feels so good to get sh*t done. It is taking back your power and choosing to do the things the easy way, letting go of the hard times and the struggle.

This shift, along with all the practical tools and ways to get more done without stalling is what has made my business fast track some goals I had planned for future years.

It is all that I am sharing with you in “It IS Your Time’. Join me for an amazing experience.

This is what the Master Mind brings you

‘It IS Your Time’ gives you a community where you can share, grow and be hold accountable. It offers a safe space to work through what has been holding you back, and offers a container of love where you can slowly but surely feel empowered again. It is the place to get done, what needs to be done.

This is how it looks like:


  • We work together as a group for at least 3 months
  • You have 4 live gatherings each month
    • Week 1 MasterClass
    • Week 2 Short Accountability Call
    • Week 3 Hot Seat Coaching
    • Week 4 Short Accountability Call
  • Every Monday we set our goals together
  • Every Friday we look back, evaluate and improve
  • A Facebook group offering a safe space to share, learn, encourage and celebrate together
  • A lot of fun, work getting done and blocks being released



Per Month

  • Private Community
  • Accountability check-ins



Per Month

  • Get 20% off
  • Join the annual enrollment
  • At only $444 per month!