Kick Start Your Success
VIP Private Coaching Day

My Kick Start Your Success VIP Day helps you to get that next sale in, boost your confidence and start owning your expert status.

How to progress faster? - Be the CEO of your life - online life coach

This VIP Day is designed to:

    • Bring in money in the short term, e.g. guides you to your next sale.


    • Change your thinking around your offering, going from
      “Do people want what I offer?” to “People need what I offer!”.


    • Help you to focus solely on attracting clients and
      stopping procrastination or distractions.


    • Letting you feel great about what you have to offer,
      allowing you to share this with others,
      and knowing it is suitable for the right people.

This VIP Day is for you

When you’re ready to bring yourself and your business to the next level of success, besides this, you are happy to work on the necessary assignments and to step out of your comfort zone.

be the ceo of your life - business coaching - it never is one thing is it?!

The VIP Day consists of:

  • An extended Zoom session of 3 hours where we do the groundwork for you to go comfortable out there and attract your next client.
  • Assignments to help you get in the right mindset, and have the right set-up for you to easily attract your next ideal clients.
  • 3 weeks of Voxer support, where I coach you through any hurdles you may experience and help you to feel so great about what you offer, that it is a no-brainer that people will want to buy from you, again and again.
  • A one-hour session for final implementation tips and set up a strategic way forward.



One payment

• $ 2000 VIP Day
• One extended 3-hour session
• Three weeks Voxer support
• One final strategy session
• Plan when it suits you
• Pay $ 2000 in full
• Or 2 installments of $ 1050