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Work Smart, Earn More, LIVE BETTER

Strategy Aligned with Action, Ease, and Results


You want to grow your business but are constantly running into roadblocks.

What you need is a roadmap of the big picture to take you from where you are today to the results you want.

My roadmap starts with the Work Smart, Earn More Plan to determine where you are and how to get you results now not next year.

The Work Smart, Earn More Plan is a 1-on-1 strategy program to help you strategically move your business forward in weeks.

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As a recovering workaholic and eager performance optimizer, I coach Business Owners and CEOs to Work Smart and Earn More.

Since 2004, I have loved helping my clients achieve their goals with more ease. I use what is already working for you while helping you see an opportunity to scale and grow with less time on the clock. Let’s work together to free up your valuable time to live a higher quality life.

Work Smart, Earn More Plan – From a Client

My client is a serial entrepreneur, amazing at what they do, and because of that, extremely busy. They’re also this big idea-generating machine that sees opportunities everywhere – and have no time to let these come to fruition.

When we started working together, they were:

  • Overwhelmed by all the work that needed to be done, often working 7 days a week
  • Frustrated as one of their businesses was on the backburner
  • Working hard without a clear strategy. This meant working all the time and doing whatever was requested, being reactive rather than pro-active

After 6 Weeks of the Work Smart Plan

  • They doubled their business
  • There is a clear strategy in place that allows them to act pro-actively and focus on money-making opportunities
  • Reduced their working days to 5, allowing them to recuperate during the weekend

After a Few Months of the Work Smart Plan

  • Their business is doing so well that they launched a group program to save time from working only with people 1-on-1
  • They relaunched their second business and are setting this up without needing to do all the work and with passive income streams
  • They’ve become a strategic CEO instead of the hands-on CEO

Let’s Create Your Work Smart, Earn More PLAN today!

I created a unique methodology consisting of a specific ‘FL.O.W.’ assessment.

The F.L.O.W. Assessment takes a deep dive into the divisions of your company and looks at your operations, leadership, and plans for the future.

It is tailor-made to your situation, and an analysis delivering your Work Smart, Earn More Plan.

Focus – We take your Vision and Mission to help you refocus your business goals

Leadership – We create a plan around time management and delegation

Operations – We evaluate your business systems. Can anything be automated?

Work Less, Live More – We discuss how to work smart and live better and still make money.

Book your F.L.O.W. assessment today that identifies the strengths, weaknesses, and risks of each department within your company

What Does F.LO.W. do for You?

We look at where you are struggling and work together to build a foundation around what you have but may not be using effectively.

You are tired of working hard with little to no progress – We find you more time.

You are tired of doing everything – We find ways to better use your employees or outsource.

You are tired of wondering whether it could be different – We create better processes to make it different.

You are annoyed that it just doesn’t go smoothly – We put the right systems in place so they do.

So over time constantly running out – We create and put into place a strategy that takes you to your next level.