Relationships, we all have them- but we’re not all using them correctly.

When asked, “Who is the most important person in your life”, very rarely will people say – me.

Would you? If not, it might be time to change your perspective!

You are the average of the 5 people around you


Research has shown this. The 5 people you spend the most time with have an impact on you- on your outlook on life, on your weight and even on your income.

So choose wisely. And yes as the CEO of your life, you get to hire, fire and recruit accordingly.


Look I’m not saying you should all of a sudden break up all your friendships or relationships but do think about who lifts you up, supports you and who brings you down or drains you.

Choose accordingly.


Who do you let yourself get influenced by?


All that you look at see and watch somehow influences you. So take a moment to see what you’re watching. This is a broad spectrum.

Think about the news, Netflix shows, your newspapers and magazines. But also social media.


- online life coach- be the ceo of your life don't be afraid to hire, fire and recruit accordingly

All the people that you come across in your timeline, and all the groups you’re a member of, do they still align with you? With your outlook on life and your business goals?

Or are some of those connections and information sources perhaps outdated as they’re not contributing in any way? When they energise you – great. If not?

Tune in to another channel, unfollow, leave the group or even leave the platform.


YOU are the most influential person in your life


I already said it – You are the most influential person in your life. So be aware of how you treat yourself.

Do you put yourself on number 1? Or do you let what others want or need prevail?

Do you say yes too often, simply “to keep the peace” only to end up feeling anything but peaceful inside?


It’s time to change. You can and should set boundaries. No explanation needed.


Lastly, the quickest way to influence yourself – is monitoring your self-talk. What are you saying to yourself?

Is it positive? Would you say it out loud to your best friend? Or is it negative, and are you talking yourself down?

If so, it’s time to change that inner voice.


Believe in YOU


This week I’m launching my online programme Believe In You. It’s short and to the point and makes sure that you turn that inner critic in your head into an inner mentor.

I love it.


When working with my clients and helping them to double their turnover and not their hours, mindset and putting yourself first, is an essential part of my coaching.

That is why all my clients get access to this programme as a bonus.

Tell me who do you let control your life? Be the CEO of your life.



If you want help to set the steps to become the CEO of your Life, contact me, and we’ll set up a clarity call, in which we discuss the first steps you can take. 


Amaze Yourself,





P.S. If you want to know what would bring you that mindset to finally double your turnover and not your hours, schedule a clarity call with me today to see what you can do right now. 



Performance Coaching _ Online Life Coach _Succes and Focus _ Be the CEO of YOUR Life - Yvonne DamYvonne Dam is a life coach who helps ambitious and successful people to create time. Looking at how you can personally make a bigger impact, without working longer. people to create time. Looking at how you can personally make a bigger impact, without working longer. Resulting in better results, more free time, and overall more fun in life. Freedom- by living your life on your own terms. Yvonne is passionate about coaching and sharing her expertise with you so you can be liberated to fully embrace life. Ready to have more time and enjoy life? >> Get More time Done in Less Time – download now<<

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