I am capable of working hard and I also know how to boost my productivity. But still…


Do you also feel you have not done enough after a day?

At the end of the day, I would often feel like I had not done enough. When my love would come home, I would say: “I have not finished a whole lot today”. I was referring to my to-do list, which was still there, even though some of the tasks were gone.


Quite depressing – not enough done

That feeling of not doing enough, while I was working like crazy; that had to stop. So where did I go wrong? I love sharing this with you as ever since I started doing things differently, I noticed a huge difference. It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Let me share with you, how it works.


What are you really doing?

I am used to working with to-do lists. I will list the most important things that really need to be done. If I have finished a task, I will scratch it off my to-do list. Great feeling!

But I don’t write every single task on my to-do list. As that would blow it out of proportions and would really freak me out. This is what I would not write on my to-do list for example:

  • Drop off my daughter
  • Grocery shopping
  • Prepare LinkedIn post and share (before 9 am)
  • Prepare Instagram post and share (with LI captions)

But these are all things I often do before 9 am. So when I start working at 9 am, I have already done quite a bit.


What pops up unexpected

I love to block time and to work from a flow, by getting a lot of similar tasks done. Batching is what I call it. Not sure how this amazing technique works? Get my FREE guide: ‘Do More in Less Time’.

But there are also moments when I need to attend to tasks that pop up. Just because I love to do it, or better yet as it involves client contact. Clients are most important for me, so I will make them for them when asked.

These are some of the tasks I attended between my regular, planned tasks:

  • Answer a WhatsApp message of a client, who was unable to continue with an assignment
  • Email a client and answer her question
  • Chat on LinkedIn with someone who wants to become my client

Not only are these very relevant tasks form my company; they were also tasks I really wanted to attend to today.


Online life coach - Online life coaching - Life coach online - gevoel te weinig doen


What are you doing?

To get clear what it is I spend my time on, I am now using a different approach. I write down exactly what I have done during the day. Every time I finish a task, I write it down on a post-it. These post-its I stick on my desk. At the end of the day, half my desk is filled with post-its. Yieha!

I also use this method to get clear insights. To see whether I am working on the right things (during my workday). But the feeling of looking at all that I have done takes away any thought about not doing enough during the day.


Creating insights

This is how I create insight into what I am actually doing. I make 3 lists of my post-it notes:

  1. Direct client contact – my most important tasks and the most impactful one.
  2. Working in my company – necessary and mostly fun but not always with the most direct impact
  3. Non-work related matters – not necessarily need to be done during office hours.


Most impactful?

At the end of the day, I review my three lists and I take inventory to see where I spent my time on. I can see whether my most impactful row (direct client contact) was indeed the longest line. If not: I need to evaluate what happened and how to improve it.

This evaluation has already made me take the following actions:

  • I am not doing grocery shopping anymore in the morning, instead we binge groceries in the weekend
  • I hired a VA as my ‘work to do in my company’ instead of ‘with my clients’ became too long. She is much better at it as well ánd quicker 😉

It also forced me to make my to-do list more realistic, which in its turn makes me feel great. As now I sometimes really just focus on my tasks at hand, and I can at the end of the day toss away my complete list.

As -let’s be honest here – some matters that pop up are not that urgent at all but they do form a nice distraction.

How would this work for you? What task or work will have the most impact for you? I would love for you to share it with me.


Making a lasting impact

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