Do you choose to be a leader every day?

Every day we get a choice- will I be a leader or a victim?

When we are not leading we are often a victim.

Without us knowing it, we step into the victimhood. So easily.

I can’t sell my program, no one wants it (withouten trying everything and keep going until the end).
I need my corporate job, otherwise I have no income (knowing that this job takes all time and energy away leaving nothing for my business).
I need my love to take the first step, they need to take care of me (without me telling them what I need).

What would you do differently when you would act as leader?

I often speak about control. A leader is in control no matter what. They will make it work, no matter what.

They’ll get the important things done, no matter what.

Watch my video to learn more. And when you are ready to do more, become the leader I know you are, join my MasterMind- It IS Your Time.

Because it is. It IS Your Time.


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Yvonne Dam

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