Why your past matters

Today I had someone reach out to me that I used to work with (he was my client) over 30 years ago when I still was a tax lawyer specializing in offshore tax planning.

Also, today I had someone reach out to me that I met at a leadership course in Capetown while I lived in South Africa 7 years ago, where I worked in change management and international tax.

Earlier this week, I coached a VIP client on sales. I told him how I was part of an international sales team based in the US that would deal with multi-million dollar deals and where I coached executives.

All my experiences have shaped me and made me into who I am today. I bring these into each coaching session. They made me a better coach.

That’s why your past matters.

Don’t hide your past, be proud of it. Use the lessons you learned in your business as I do.

In this video, I share how I use my experience with large multinationals and intercultural teams in my own business these days.

Do you feel your past matters?

Be the CEO of your life, be proud of your past,


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Episode 56/365

Yvonne Dam

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