Feeling overwhelmed? SOP is how to stop it!

You have many recurring tasks in your business, even when you’re not aware of them. These tasks you do over and over again. Nothing wrong with that, on the contrary actually – these can save you a lot of time?

How? Yolanda Churchwell explains this beautifully. She is a master in saving ambitious business owners time by helping them set up systems and SOPs.

An SOP is a standard operating procedure. It’s like the manual on how you operate.

Bit scary, come to think of it, right?

That YOU have a manual too (don’t tell my love, that will take away all the fun for sure!).

But yeah, you do.

Or at least in your business, that is. And these Standard Operation Procedures can save you buckets of time.

Want to learn how? Tune in, and watch this inspirational interview here LIVE today @ 18:00 (Madrid) /17:00 (Dublin) / 12:00 (Miami) / 10:00 (Seattle)

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