I used to love the idea of being a digital nomad.

Being able to holiday always and incidentally make some money along the way, on your laptop. While sipping cocktails and seeing the world.

It was mainly the freedom I was after, oh and well the traveling too.

But have you ever tried working on a laptop on the beach?

Or anywhere sunny that is?

Right, you can’t see a thing. Nor can you work, as somehow the most idealic places are remote. And you know what remote places lack? Yep! WiFi.

Good for romance. Bad for business.

So being a digital nomad is out.

Because there’s also this little thing called family. The ones I love more than anything.

And even though they’re all in for traveling too, my love has a job and the little one school. I do admire those who can homeschool, I truly do.

But for me, after two weeks homeschooling in lockdown, which I mainly survived because my love and I could take turns just before we felt like screaming – either at the school, the computer or our dearest-, I just know we’re not made for teaching our child ourselves.

And no one got hurt in the process (or screamed at). Well other than our pride, for not being able what all teachers, and homeschoolers, pull off with ease (or so it seems). So, no homeschooling’s out, and being a digital nomad too.

But I did found my ultimate freedom in my business, after all. Not as a digital nomad, nor as a homeschooling Mom, but better – well for me that is.

Watch this video to see how I found my ultimate freedom in my business with travelling as well. And tell me how much freedom do you find in your business?

Be the CEO of your life, work less, get more,


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Yvonne Dam

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