When people come to me and speak with me, there’s always one primary topic that is top of mind – How can I save time?

Are you eager to save time in your business as well? Well, I can share a whole lot on this topic, as you may very well know. In my previous video, I highlighted amazing ways in which we can save time at work, home, studying, and even working on projects and promised you more tips. Let’s dive into it!

6 best ways to save time every day

  1. Learn from the best

  2. Do one thing at a time

  3. Dedicate a distraction free zone

  4. Avoid unnecessary meetings

  5. Amp up your downtime 

  6. Keep track of time


Learn from the best  


 And I also know that each person is unique, each situation is different, and all businesses are exceptional. That’s why to be able to tell you how YOU can save the most time in YOUR business. It would be best to discuss it and to go over what it is you are doing. As only then can I provide tailor-made advice that saves you ample time.


Should you want this, you are in luck as I now offer precisely that; a session to scan your business and highlight where you can save time *. Book it here.


Curious to learn, what worked well for me? Allow me to share some of the best time-savers that helped to grow my business, as I had more time to dedicate to clients and for myself.


Do one thing at a time


 Yes, I used to be the queen of multitasking. And I still listen to audio training when walking the dog or doing the laundry. But when work is essential and needs to be done, I focus and do one thing. Nothing else.

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Dedicate a distraction-free zone


 While working on one thing at a time, I switch off all distractions. Close tabs on my computer, phone on silent (or better yet, using the app ‘forest’), and close all apps that could tempt me to check. So I close down my email, social media, and WhatsApp and work on the task.


Then lastly, I am sharing two essential tips, which made a massive difference in my performance.


“When you want to learn more about using your focus and win 2 hours per day, get my guide on batching today.” 


Avoid unnecessary meetings


This is like the biggest trap for many business owners, including myself. As each meeting could be a potential client, right? And each connection in your network could be someone who needs your services. So it is tempting to meet more people and to go to many networking events.



Not everyone who wants to speak to you should be honored. When you want to know whether that person is a good fit for your services, ask them some questions first before jumping on a call.


One of my clients recently saved over 50 hours per month (!) by adhering to this tip. How much time will it save you?


Amp up your downtime


Now the kicker, and the brilliant one. For me, for you, and every entrepreneur. I literally just came off the phone discussing this with a client.


He said, ‘My wife wants to take time off. I’m thinking I can’t as taking a day off is missing out on a day I could make money.”


Are you thinking like that too? 

If so, think about this.

You are the moneymaker in your business. You know that when you’re well-rested, and you have had some time off, you’re better. You’re sharper, and you provide better quality services to your clients. So you owe it to your clients to show up as your best self. You owe it to them to unplug and take some downtime.


This has made all the difference for me! I am enjoying my life and my business so much more. Now I allow myself time-outs during the day and the week.

I believe I deserve it. Do you?

Wondering where to save more time? Check out my blog on areas I save more time every day, ‘where can you save more time.’ 


Keep track of time 


 Having read all this is one thing. Implementing it in your life is the next. When you want to know how you can save time and have more time to work on client work or attracting ideal clients, reach out.


This week is the last week I am offering you a discounted business scan from $199 for $175. Within 1 hour, I will show you how to save time in your business with a personalized report. You get to implement these tips, and after two weeks, we circle back to see how this went and what help you may further need. The feedback I received from my clients who had the business scan is great.

“This is just what I needed, clarity and a clear way forward.”

 “I’ve done what we discussed, and it made my work so much more enjoyable. The fun is back.” 


 Is this for you? Message me here, and we’ll book in your scan. This offer expires on coming Monday when the business scan goes public (yes, you have an inside scoop, whoohoo).


Amaze Yourself,



Performance Coaching _ Online Life Coach _Succes and Focus _ Be the CEO of YOUR Life - Yvonne DamYvonne Dam is a life coach who helps ambitious and successful people to create time. Looking at how you can personally make a bigger impact without working longer. People to create time. Looking at how you can personally make a bigger impact without working longer. Resulting in better results, more free time, and overall more fun in life. Freedom- by living your life on your own terms. Yvonne is passionate about coaching and sharing her expertise with you to be liberated to embrace life fully. Ready to have more time and enjoy life? >> Get More time Done in Less Time – download now<<




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