How to sell without feeling icky or gross

You can be great at what you do, attract clients all the time, but when you’re unable to sell your services, you’re in trouble.

Most of us have experienced this once or twice, or endless times, feeling uncomfortable when needing to sell—feeling icky or gross because selling can feel like pushing.

That is not running your business with ease. And because I am all in for running your business with ease, I invited the sales expert Adina to share some nuggets of wisdom with us.

How to sell without feeling icky or gross and still sell? Because it is absolutely possible, I can tell you from experience.

The thing is, we might have to unlearn a thing or two before we actually get to make sales easy for us.

Want to know how to make sales easy and fun even? Join our live event today @ 18:00 Amsterdam, 12:00 pm NYC, 17:00 London, and 10:00 am LA.

Press the reminder button to receive a notification for this. It’s going to be a lot of fun, as one thing Adina and I are great at is laughing!

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