Being you, and leading with all that you are, is what makes your business unique, right?!

When you’re talking to people about what you love to do, it’s easy and flows.

But many business owners choke when they talk about what they do when it is on social media or for marketing.

When I started, I had to let go of my corporate thinking. I was trained to not ‘promise’ but to ‘cover my *ss’. That wasn’t great sales copy; I can tell you that!

It has changed for me, but it would have been great if I had met Aleya ages ago.

Aleya Harris is the queen of authentic communication, and she knows how those gremlins in your head can keep you stuck. Not allowing you to speak up, stand out, and therefore not be seen.

If you want to know what YOU can do about this, join us Monday, March 6 @ 19:00 CET (Barcelona) / 1 PM EST (New York).

Be the CEO of your life, work less, live more,


Yvonne Dam

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