High achievers are people going the extra mile to make things happen. They have a drive and passion for getting it done.


For a long time, I’ve been in denial about being a high achiever. It sounded so “success-focused,” “eager,” and single-minded about business with no room for anything else.


Writing this down now makes me smile. But, of course, I’m a high achiever, and guess what you may be too. Or you may have traits that you can use to your benefit.

I know when I started to tap into my high achiever traits, business became so much easier. It’s like pouring gasoline on an already burning fire. It ignites.


How would you feel to ignite your business?


Here are the traits a high achiever has:


1. You have a vision of what you want to achieve.


You may not have it written down [it may be so big that you are shying away from it], but you for sure know where you’re going. It’s your dream.


2. You are an action taker.


You do things instead of talking about them. You’re the one that always gets it done, no matter how busy you are. A beautiful trait and one that makes you overdeliver too.


3. You often forget to rest. 


You’re so pumped you want to keep going. There’s the reason why I often talk about taking breaks and having a day off. You need that constant reminder, as do I.

How to tell if you are a high achiever?

4. You’re optimistic. 


A good thing as you always see opportunities. But the negative thing is you always plan too much to do in a day, which leads to frustration at the end of the day. 


5. You’re eager to learn.


You’re interested in so many things, and you love nothing better than to find out more. To learn it. It is a beautiful trait, and if you’re not careful, it ends up in the “ shiny object syndrome ”, always chasing the next thing.


These are beautiful traits to haveCombine these with your passion for what you do and your drive to bring your business to the next level, and you have a very powerful combination. 

6. Every strength is a weakness.


Alas, there are downsides too. What you’re great at comes with a weaker side, too, as I’ve highlighted in the text above. 


The good news is, once you master these weaknesses, nothing stands in your way. 


I would love nothing better than to help you ignite your business, bring it to the next level, and turn those weaknesses into steppingstones for more success. 


That’s why with great pride and joy, I announce our new way of working together:


“ The High Achiever Freedom Code ”. A 1:1 VIP Coaching program that gets you to leverage your time and reach more people. 


Is your dream to expand your business in 2022 without working more?


Then this program is for you. As it is all about bringing your business to the next level in 20% less time. 


Check out the program here and tell me what you think.


You go out there and make the impact you’re bound to make. 


I’m cheering you on! 


Amaze Yourself,





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Yvonne Dam

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