If I could have super powers it would enable me to thrive on 4 hours sleep as a working mum.

My best friend lives in Singapore. That is a pain. Especially as I like to tell him things that are going in my life, at night. I cannot help it I am a night person, so I like to discuss things during the evening. When it is evening at my side of the globe, he is asleep. Tried calling him once, did not go down well.

So we do not ‘speak’ each other that often. This weekend he came to London. We decided to get together directly after lunch, then had dinner and then before I knew it evening turned into night once we decided to stop talking around 2.15 am; as he needed to catch an early flight. That’s what happens when you are with good friends right? You forget time.

The next morning my daughter woke me up at 6.15 am after sleeping less than 4 hours

I knew this was going to happen as she is an early bird, but still this knowledge did not make it easier. I dragged myself out bed, woke my friend up, who still had a plane to catch, and then got involved in some games. Due to a lack of sleep, I felt foggy  and I know this will stay with me during the day. A day planned with loads of activities as well as quite a bit of work to get done. Which most likely will not happen today. If only I had superpowers: I would be able to thrive on 4 hours sleep. I would be able to have the occasional night out and still be a bubbly, energetic person in the morning. Able to address my daughter’s needs, my clients needs and work.

But I don’t have superpowers, and I do not thrive on 4 hours’ sleep. There is a good reason for it as well. As if I would continue to go on and on, without taking the proper rest when my body needs me, I would collapse in the end. It is something we tend to do: push ourselves, get more done in less time all the time. Mostly focused on work, being more productive, more effective and bám once the one thing is done, we move on to the next project, next assignment or new job.

We treat our body like a rubber band, stretching and stretching it.

At first we like the tension, being under pressure makes us feel alive, important and we do so well once we have that little nudge of being needed now. Then, as this continues the novelty wears off and it might become uncomfortable; we consider that it might make sense to release the tension a bit. But as we are used to the rush, being on top of things, we also hate to disappoint anyone. Especially as they all know you work hard and that is what you are appreciated for. So you just continue to work hard and not taking breaks until one day the band snaps: you have pushed it too hard and it refuses to deal with the stretch any longer. You made yourself sick.

I have experienced that myself as well after less than 4 hours of sleep.

So as much as I think I would like to, I know the answer is not a magic wand that makes me thrive on 4 hours’ sleep. The answer is indulging in a chilled day at home, thriving in relaxing and enjoying the fact that I had some amazing conversations last night. As that is what a balanced life is about: enjoying spending time with friends, thoroughly embracing life while you can and also giving it your all in work; just perhaps not immediately the day after.

I am Yvonne Dam of Amaze Yourself Coaching. My programme Embrace Life helps people like you and me with fun-filled and busy life, focusing on what YOU really want. It helps you in 6 steps towards balance and energy so you fully enjoy life. Please comment or share this with someone you feel could use this.




Yvonne Dam

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