You feel like you have to do ALL the things, and looking at your social media only makes it worse? Or does it? 

Even though you have a lot to do, you open your social media app, and you start scrolling.

Looking for inspiration, or simply a moment of mindless scrolling.

But since you’re already overwhelmed when you start – soon something else is happening – you start believing all that you see.

You start thinking you have to do it ALL!


Argh.. that’s the last thing you need.

You’ve got so much on your plate already.


Want to avoid this trap?

You could stop scrolling social media altogether  . Ok so now what would work:


Are you only distracting yourself?


Be aware that you’re opening social media to distract yourself. It’s most likely because you have so much to do. You’re procrastinating. Looking for a break? Rather get up from behind your desk and take a walk (even to another room is sufficient)

Write it down, only to toss it away

When you can’t stop yourself (as who can?), allow yourself to watch without feeling the need to do more. Can’t control that either? Then write down all the ideas on a note with the heading: “Nice projects for next year” and then stuff it in a drawer, never to be found, or have it in your notes between all else.


Find your own inspiration


Looking for inspiration? It’s in you! Best way to let your inspiration flow is to either do something else or do nothing at all for a moment. Go for a walk, and before you know it, you have the inspiration flowing out of you. Worse thing to do is look at other people’s posts – they distract and rarely inspire.


Yes! Now onto scrolling again


Reward yourself with some social media time, and enjoy it! Yes, you have the urge, so why hide it? But what would help is to enjoy yourself, instead of using it as a distraction technique or thinking you need to follow all the advice you read. My tip? Watch puppies; that never gets old and for sure makes you feel good.


When you want to change this once and for all

Are you done with feeling overwhelmed and constantly thinking you have to do it all? Good for you! That’s why I created my high achievers’ freedom code.

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Yvonne Dam

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