Why we shipwrecked on our honeymoon

Have you ever felt ‘something was off’? Your gut tells you, you should not go there? Only to discover that minutes later, that the boat you were on was no match for the waves that came crushing in?

We did, on our honeymoon.

We shipwrecked (yes, we’re still happily married thank you) and we had to get back to shore. The shore where I had that weird feeling in my stomach, that I ignored.

Well, perhaps you have not experienced this in such a dramatic way, but I am pretty sure you sometimes have experienced your intuition telling you to do something.

And maybe you ignored it, only to realize afterward, ah, I already had that feeling.

I should have known better.

It had happened to me lots of times before I started to pay attention.

Before I realized this feeling, something in me that was like a warning system, good and bad, I should listen to it more carefully.

Trial and error for me.

Now, you have that same sixth sense in your business. And that may even be harder to deal with. That is why today we have an expert explain and talk about what it is and how to do it – using your intuition in your business.

Join us live here @ 14:00 Amsterdam, 22:00 Melbourne, 13:00 London, and 8:00 NYC.

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Yvonne Dam

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