It’s Saturday. I am still in bed. Loving it. Decadent. Relaxed. A moment just for me.


Make it possible

Staying in bed late in the morning, that is unique. All the thoughts to I should… or I must are tucked away for a moment. Of course, I have been out off bed. To be sure that Nua is well, that she is relaxed and has something to eat. And then I went back to bed.

I am loving it. I first meditated, after which I listened to a training and while doing so I pushed a wrong button and music started to play.

I let it play, let the tunes surround me and just relaxed. I love music. I had a cup of tea and I simply enjoyed the moment. Being in my warm bed, enjoying the sounds and tranquillity surrounding me. Just be.


Enjoying the moment

I don’t do it a lot. Staying in bed. As there is always something I ‘need’ to do. I also don’t do this often as I have a judgement around being in bed long, I label it as lazy, decadent and being a bum…

Do you recognise this? You enjoy something a lot, yet you don’t allow yourself to it. As… And why not? What’s wrong with it? Isn’t it time to let go? To change perspective.


Time for a new definition

Changing perspective starts with being aware of the label you have given. Like staying in bed on Saturday, is lazy. However, you could also relabel it as ‘relaxing’, ‘recharging’ and getting inspired (yes I am also writing this blog from my bed, where I am still laying in) or just having a blissful moment just for you.

If you relabel it and you then stay in bed, you feel great. You get to enjoy it! And this works.


It may be more difficult than you think

Relabelling is just looking at something from a fresh perspective. When I see somebody doing it, I often think oh right that’s another way of looking at it. But I’m not necessarily able to do it myself; not without my tools. And that’s maybe what’s happening with you as well.

You read this and you think yes that’s something I should do. And then you continue with your day. After a couple of months, you ask yourself: “Why don’t I get any further? Why do I keep feeling? Why can’t I just achieve what I want”?

To read things, to start thinking about doing something and to actually do it, are two complete different things. Because trying or simply thinking doesn’t equal taking action. Taking action only works when you commit yourself, when you make a decision and often when you get some help.


Life coaching online - life coach online - Online life coaching - Maak het mogelijk


Make the decision today!

Is there something you would like to relabel? Would you like to enjoy your life more, or simply go after what you want in your life? Then take action. Say yes to you today. Make it possible. I’m here to help.

My “Believe in YOU” online programme is now open for entry. It shows you in for steps how relabelling works. How to change those limiting beliefs into beliefs that really support you. It is a great programme with amazing results, that is why I’m opening it up for you today. It is part of my Embrace Life programme and only available as a standalone programme for a short while.


From No to Go

This is something unique for a unique price. This programme gets you:

  • You go effortless in the direction you want to go
  • You let go off your limiting beliefs
  • You know which steps to take to keep pursuing your goal
  • You feel great because you get what you want out of life


Believe in you

Believe in you that’s the aim and the name of this online programme with:

  • 4 modules
  • 4 instruction videos
  • 3 work books

You get limited access, which allows you to use this programme for each new target you set. It will not take you a lot of time and will give you ample results. Go after what it is you really want and take away any limitations.


50% discount

Are you ready to enjoy your life more? Do you want to let’s go of what is holding you back? Join this online programme today, with 50% discount.


This is what my clients say about Believe in YOU:

“I keep coming back to his section, as it helps me so much. I really am loving it. Unfortunately, I have many limiting beliefs. I didn’t even see how much was holding me back but now I do. I was the one holding myself back. Defintely, I don’t want that any longer, but I couldn’t change this on my own. With these tools I have. I have let go off many limiting beliefs.”


“Letting go off the thoughts that kept me small, has helped me the most. As soon as I write down a new goal, new limiting beliefs start popping up. But now, I am no longer allowing this.”


“Every time I achieve my goals quicker, as I’m no longer hindered by anything. Should I think of something negative, then I’m able to let go of it, with these amazing tools.”


“You made me believe that everything is possible. You made me believe that everything is possible for me.”


Temporarily you’re not paying €99.95 but only €49.97. Are you ready to go after what you really want? Click here to buy this programme.


Would you rather go side-by-side?

I’m here for you. I love coaching and I would love to show you which steps you can take to go after the life you want. Email me for a focus session, so we can discuss together how to best approach this.


Amaze Yourself!


PS: Are you ready to make it all possible? Then join me today and subscribe to this online training believe in you


Online-life-coach-Online-life-coaching-Life-coaching-online1Yvonne Dam is an online life coach and career coach who helps busy, ambitious people to enjoy life. She helps them to focus on what matters in their lives and careers, in order to make more money and achieve more freedom! After feeling trapped in the corporate world, Yvonne decided to do more of what she loved and found the more she chose to do what she wanted, the happier she became. Yvonne is passionate about coaching and sharing her expertise with you so you can be liberated to fully embrace life. Ready to pause your busy life for a moment and download some happy vibes? Get my FREE eBook and feel happy! 




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