Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day this week? If so, did you also celebrate you? Whether you did or didn’t is completely up to you.

It all evolves around you


I’m writing to you on Valentine’s Day, which inspired me to write this blog. You see, the more you love yourself, the more you make yourself a priority, the more you boost your productivity.

You Create the Bandwidth You’ll Need to Focus on Your Goals When You Make Yourself a Priority


Imagine this: It’s 3 pm, you have a weekly networking meeting in an hour, and a 6 pm deadline looming–but you’ve only managed to check off one item on your lengthy to-do list.

We’ve all experienced days like this, days where no matter how much we push ourselves, we just can’t get productive.

Battling to become more productive can feel like a daily struggle that takes up more headspace than the tasks on our to-do lists alone.

And here’s the good news:

“There’s no such thing as a naturally productive person and an unproductive one; anyone can increase their productivity.”

Including you.

If you’re ready to start leading a more productive, less stressful life, prioritize these yourself more. This is how highly productive people do that:

Put yourself first

Highly productive people know that being addicted to work is not something to brag about. And a 60+ hour workweek is not a badge of honor they want to wear.

Make yourself a priority and boost productivity - Blog by Yvonne Dam | Amaze Yourself Coaching
Make yourself a priority and boost productivity – Blog by Yvonne Dam | Amaze Yourself Coaching

Not taking time for rest and self-care is the fastest route to burnout.

1. Make sure you get enough sleep

To avoid burnout and maintain peak performance levels, highly productive people make an effort to carve out time each week to look after themselves.

One of their top priorities is getting enough sleep. Many studies show the benefits of a good night’s sleep, allowing you to maintain your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Do you get enough sleep?

If your brain and body are tired, your productivity drops. So prioritizing sleep should be a no-brainer.

2. Reap ALL the benefits of exercise

When you wake up, getting to move is another priority if you want to become more productive.

Exercise provides benefits far beyond being slim; it’s proven to decrease anxiety and depression symptoms and increase happiness.

Whether you prefer to work out daily or at certain times each week, make it a non-negotiable part of your schedule and reap the benefits of your boost in productivity.

3. Make sure to unplug

Most people have the attention span of a goldfish these days. They’ll be focused for only 7 seconds before their mind starts wandering. Digital distraction is the most significant productivity blocker.

Technology overload, always being connected, and screen-time make it hard to focus and wind down, thus negatively impacting our productivity.

Highly productive people have designated times when they step away from their screens and get back to themselves.

4. Feel worthy

Which one of these productivity hacks speaks most to you?

And which are you contemplating including in your life?

Perhaps you’re telling yourself, “you ain’t got time for that”.

And with that, you’re telling yourself you’re not worthy of making yourself a priority.

Maybe you need to hear this from me, but you’re worthy no matter what.

Why wait? Start today.

Need help? Reach out! I’m all in to help you grow your business in 20% less time.

Be the CEO of your life, work less, get more,



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Yvonne Dam

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