Reduce stress and 11 more Science-Based Benefits of Meditation

I used to think meditation was a bit out of here. I would never find the time nor the rest to meditate.

All the people I knew that meditated, I don’t know they seem so different from me.

Then I was introduced to mindfulness and meditation. In the beginning, it didn’t go well. I was so tired I fell asleep as soon as I started to meditate.

Slowly I started to find ways to integrate meditation into my life. I’m a big fan of guided meditations, they help me to set myself up for the day.

They raise my vibe, help me to calm myself, and get ready for the day.

You know when it works best? When I wake up and feel very busy, listening to a meditation makes it all more relative. I’m better equipped to deal with my day.

There are 12 science-based benefits to meditation, listen to find out how you can integrate it into your life and obtain all those benefits too.

Be the CEO of your life, calm your mind,


PS – Need help creating more time in your day to meditate? Reach out, I can help.

Yvonne Dam

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