Success means falling 7 times and getting up 8. Success is going on where others stop. Success is learning from your mistakes.

Have you ever felt like it was better to quit? Ever felt like it was not going great, at all? Or just felt overwhelmed by it all?

I know I have.

I have big dreams and great ambitions. And I want to reach my dreams, fast. And I will (in due time). Yet, sometimes I feel it is not going fast enough, and then doubt hits me.

That it does not all work out right immediately, is because I need to develop myself. I need to learn. And that is ok.


To not be ok with that for a while, is also ok. That is what it is all about, to surrender to what is, and then continue.

Do not believe everything you read on social media.

No one is an “overnight success”.

No one ever got anything just handed to him/her.


It is never only great.


And that is ok.

It is how you deal with it, that matters. Use all the sh*t that is happening to you, as fuel. Fuel to go faster.

Fuel to be more determined.

Online Life Coach -Sometimes it is just shit_ Be the CEO of your Life - boast Your Performance

You can do it.

You are the CEO of your life.

And just like any other CEO, now and again, you need to make some adjustments.

I am posting this on “blue Monday” the “most depressed” day of the year. Not to make you depressed, but to tell you; I get it.


It is not always simple. But you know what?

You do not have to do this all by yourself.

You do not have to go through this alone. Together you are stronger. And faster too.

Are you looking to speed up the process? To reach your goals and dreams faster? Sliding through all that has been keeping you back and using any sh*t as fertilizer? Then email me, and we’ll do it together. I cannot wait.

Amaze Yourself


P.S.: I know 2020 can be your year when you are ready for it. So are you? Book your free focus call with me to get personalised steps.

P.S.II: Did you know, that even famous people went through a lot of hard times? This video by Steve Harvey (now multimillionaire) inspired me tremendously. When he was about to give up [all of it], he had a breakthrough. This could also happen to you.


Yvonne Dam is a life coach who helps ambitious and successful Online-life-coach-Online-life-coaching-Life-coaching-online1people to people to create time. Looking at how you can personally make a bigger impact, without working longer. Resulting in better results, more free time, and overall more fun in life. Freedom- by living your life on your own terms. Yvonne is passionate about coaching and sharing her expertise with you so you can be liberated to fully embrace life. Ready to have more time and enjoy life? >> Get More time Done in Less Time – download now<<

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