Have you ever started something new. Something that really felt at a great idea at the time? Only when the moment was there, it appeared not to be such a great idea. Because it seemed all different from what you imagined?


Then what did you do?


Go on, as you imagined it was such a great thing and you are sure all you need to do, is push a bit harder. Put in some extra hours and just make it work.

That is what most of us do. It’s actually what most of our cultures teach us to do too. Keep going, just work harder. But what if you take a moment.

Look at what your goal is, and whether putting extra work in, is actually worth it.


Perhaps sometimes it is better to be calling it? Deciding that even though it seemed like a good idea at the time, you recognise it panned out differently. It did not work out and you simply stop and move on.


It has happened to me.




And I have decided to abandon my original idea, and turn it around into something different. Something I do feel excited about.

I had an idea of three-day productivity training. I had people signed up.

stop- be the ceo of your life - setting boundaries - sometimes stopping what you do is better

Create More Impact in Less Time


With live videos, assignments and a Facebook group. It would take quite a bit of work, but I am passionate about this topic ánd love helping people.


And it turned out Sunday, it was not working. Not the right idea. Or simply not now.


So, I turned my idea around in something I know works well, and I love doing. I still get to help people, just on a more personal level. I am sharing this with you, as you might want to benefit too.

I offer 30-minute video calls with me, in which I will answer all your questions around boosting productivity, and stopping procrastination. It will take you less time than the original set up, and is more tailored to your needs.


But spots are limited, there are only 5 spots available. So if you want personalised tips. Set up a call. All you have to do is simply schedule a call with me <<here>>.


Amaze Yourself




P.S. All this is a productivity tip. Because be honest, how often do you continue with something against your better judgement? You know it is what you planned, it did not work out that well but you just put in extra hours to make it work. Sometimes it is really better to just pull the plug. Be brave and change your own story, schedule the call.


P.S.2: Just to be 100% clear, there will be no productivity training instead I am offering you a personalised training in a video call. Here you can schedule your call to make more impact in less time

Yvonne Dam

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