A couple of days in Ibiza made the whole difference for me and my business. Even though I had been working on the next level in my business for a while, some crucial insights kept escaping me. 

I had these questions zooming in my head for some time, and somehow the answers didn’t come to me while at work. I needed to be away from it all to get the answers, and they came to me as soon as I went on a (virtual) retreat. Now, the first day I was quite disappointed as I believed the answers would fly in as soon as I had allowed myself more time.

The thing is, though, most answers come to you when you least expect them, even when you’re on a retreat. Or better said, especially when you’re on a retreat. This was a big lesson I took away from my retreat.

Do you allow yourself some time away from your business, now and again? If not, I can highly recommend it.

Here is why:

–        Getting away from your business, even for a couple of days, is very inspiring. It gets your creativity flowing again and makes you appreciate your business even more. Your clients, what you offer – well, all of it.

–        Booking a couple of days off, clearing your calendar is surprisingly easy and very rewarding. Even when it’s ‘only’ a virtual retreat, I highly recommend it.

–        The world, and your business, do not come to an end when you’re a couple of days away. On the contrary, people (including clients) appreciate you more, simply because they realise what they miss when you’re not there.

–        When you’re looking for answers, it’s best to get out of your daily routines. Stepping away from it all allows for the minor and major shifts to happen.

be the ceo of your life - coaching - how only 1 hour can already make a difference

What about you?

Are you ready to get away from it all too, and get your business to the next level? Good for you! I highly encourage you to go and take some days for yourself. What’s stopping you? If you need some help, reach out. I love nothing better than to help you and your business to the next level, especially when you believe you’re too busy now. That’s what I specialise in, helping you slay your goals without slaying you!

This may also help

One of the outcomes of MY retreat was that I am opening up new ways of working with me, and I love all! You can book a Power Hour (YES! It’s back for only £99/$125), a VIP Day or…. MY Be the CEO of your LIFE programme, on Steroids!

So why wait? Let’s make your business more profitable together without the endless hustle. Simply send me a reply when you’re curious to know how this would look like for you.

Be the CEO of your life,


P.S. You do not always have to step away from your business for days; just a couple of hours or even a walk during your lunch break can already offer you a fresh perspective. 

Yvonne Dam

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