Stop beating yourself up and get honest instead.

Today I had a rough day. It already started in the morning while chatting to my team; there were many questions that I “quickly wanted to answer”.

No such thing.

I should have said, can I get back to you tomorrow?

Instead, I rearranged my planning, started something new that I should not have done today, and made many mistakes because of the “quick” and “in-between my coaching sessions”.

So when I had dinner, I was grumpy. I felt I had not done a thing.

Taking a break and allowing yourself to do other things than work is the best you can do.

After that I realized, I accomplished a lot. Different things than had been my intention (hence the grumpiness) but still so much.

Do yourself a favor when you’re beating yourself up again because you didn’t do enough – take a break and look at it again, with a fresh perspective.

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Be the CEO of your life, stop beating yourself up,


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