If I told you that it’s possible to end your workday on time and still have all the work done, would you believe me?

How would you feel when you have some time left at the end of your to-do list?

Imagine that you could work in your business and on your business and still have a weekend without the need to work on the weekend.

Imagine that.

That would feel great, right?

And it’s all possible.

I love to show you how in my Get Sh*t Done Bootcamp.

We’re starting April 11 with 3 days of training. After which you know how to get the work done that matters and have some spare time too. Join us here.

Do you know the main reasons for business owners NOT to get their most important work done?


I’d love to share it with you.

Let me know whether you recognize any of these.


Top reasons for never finishing your to-do-list, no matter how many hours you put in:

Not setting your priorities. 
With priorities, I mean your business goals and your personal priorities in life. If you only focus on one of these, whether it is work or business, you will always be cutting the other short-with feeling time-deprived for sure.

Faltering in your focus. 
Once you have determined your priorities, keep your focus there. Don’t take on board new projects outside these. Keep the focus where it should be for now.

Taking actions that aren’t aligned with your goals.
It’s pivotal to take only those actions that help you achieve your goals and focus on your priorities. 

Stop being a slave to your work

Stop doing anything else.

Saying yes all the time.
According to Warren Buffett, the difference between successful and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything. So, how often do you say no?


If you recognized any of these statements, I highly recommend you join the Bootcamp. If you recognized any of these statements, I highly recommend you join the Bootcamp. Three days of training, 30 minutes a day, will positively impact your business. You’ll get more of the work done that matters, and you free up time because of it.


Register here.

Tell me, how would you feel if you had half a day left after your to-do list is finished? Great right?! I know! Join me here,  starting April 11.

Amaze Yourself




PS: The training is held live on Zoom, with a private Facebook group to dive in deep and see things change for you over these three days. Read here  what to expect.

PPS : After the last training in January, this is what Victoria said: “Due to this training, I finally admitted I don’t want to work on my administration. It takes too long, I am not good at it, and experts are doing this better. So I finally admitted it and hired someone on the spot. It’s liberating. Freed up my time, and I feel better.” Do you want that too? Register here.

Yvonne Dam

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