You, are amazing, and I am grateful for you. Thank you for being here and celebrating with me.

Have you already set your goals for 2022?


You may already have done it and are eager to get going. Good for you. Goal drama is real, I know you may also have postponed it for a bit. Also ok.


It’s your business, your life, your rules.


Whether you have set your goals or not, let me share with you the steps that for sure are going to help you to achieve your next step, no matter what.


How to fast track your next success in your business:


1. What one meaningful, specific outcome, if achieved, would have a significant, positive impact on my business? 


The emphasis is on one! Pick one. And make sure it is significant to you and your business. You don’t have to pick something new. You can -and that’s precisely recommended- pick something you are already working on and optimize it.


That’s what I am doing this year, optimizing.


2. What specific activities or new initiatives must I take on to make measurable progress toward this outcome?


If you’re with me on this, this is the time to start writing. You’re starting from scratch to ensure you’re making progress – write down the numbers of today. Want to get more clients, and you decide to get these from LinkedIn? Write down your SSI score, number of followers, and connections.


Also, write down your success habits. Things you need to do every day to ensure you’re working on your goal. For example, daily LinkedIn engagement is highly recommended when you want clients through that platform.


3. What are the specific obstacles standing in my way of making measurable progress on this outcome?


Time! Did you think it? If so, you and I need to talk. Send me a message here, and you’ll get at least 20% more time to grow your business.


The most common thing in the way between you and achieving your goal is – doing too much. So bring back your focus. Put other projects on hold, or stop them altogether. Instead, get serious about the one thing that helps you to your next step in business.

Thank you for another year; you're amazing. Happy holidays!


4. Do I have the expertise and execution intelligence /competence to successfully perform the tasks required to achieve this outcome? If not, what’s missing


Be honest here do you know what you need to do, or would you rather work with an expert? I am convinced that you would fast-track your success if only you allowed yourself more help.


5. What are the three things I would need to stop doing to make room for this major priority? 


And this is the big one. Don’t keep adding to the list, make sure to take away from it as well. Focus occurs when you stop doing many things and start working on fewer things if not only one thing. If you need help, I love nothing better than to grow your business with you in 20% less time.


What’s your one thing?


This year for me, is all about optimizing. I’m investing in my relationship with you. Let me know what you’re going to work on in 2022. I love to hear from you.


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Wishing you the best year yet! Make it a good one,






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