You are the best and I love you for being here. It’s a wonderful experience knowing that you are out there and that we are connected. I am grateful for you.


Thank you for being you. 


There’s no one else like you, and I appreciate you so much. 


As many celebrate Thanksgiving, I wanted to send you this message – as I am truly grateful.

Are you grateful for things ?


What I love about Thanksgiving is that it is a day of looking back at all the things you’re grateful for in your life, and savoring those. It comes with an amazing feeling.


How would you like to expand feeling amazing?


By looking back at what you are grateful for in your business. Because there’s so much to be happy with and grateful for. It’s also a great way to start working out your vision, to not only start 2023 well but rather close down 2022 with a bang. To start your own CEO plan. 


Work out your vision

Thank you for being you

Ask yourself these 3 questions first:


· What’s going well in your business? 

For example, my Get Sh*t Done Club, a group coaching program that helps you to take impactful actions is on fire. The results my clients are getting are amazing, and I love to see their businesses grow. I plan to have more people join this club. What’s going well in your business?


· What worked well for your business?


Think about it . What works well for you? Is it speaking commitments that get you, clients? Is it social media posts that go viral? Having work done by team members so your costs are lower, and you have more time? What worked well for your business? For me, a boot camp worked well, so I am hosting the Get Sh*t Done Bootcamp in January again.

· Who’s a great referral/power partner for you?

There are people out there, {relation.firstName}, that love what you do and who’d gladly introduce you to their audience. Have you made a list? Send them a thank you, or invite them to be your referral partner? Sometimes all you need to do is ask.


Start your 90-day CEO plan


To make a bigger impact, start by strategizing now. Drafting your own 90-day CEO plan is incredibly powerful. I see it again and again with my clients. That’s why I shared these pivotal questions with you, to get you started. Of course, I am happy to help you draft your 90-day CEO plan together with you.


My gratitude gift to you


Thank you. As a gift to you, I am giving you a VIP day, in which you and I, will draft your personal CEO plan. You’ll have a strategy that gains you more focus, increases your income, and is tailored to ensure you’re reducing working hours. It goes about all the aspects of your business, and your leadership and comes with a personalized assessment. 


This VIP day with a value of $2000 comes free of charge to you as soon as you refer 1 client to me who signs up for my VIP-coaching package. 


Be the CEO of your life, and stay amazing!



Yvonne Dam

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