Thank you

Thank you all for my Birthday wishes! It made me feel very, very special.

Since we were traveling, I have taken my time to get back to you (and I am still working through messages).

This past year has been a very intense and strange, yet here we are all together.

Seeing all of you commenting and wishing me well from all over the world ? makes me feel so blessed, knowing I have friends all over.

And given all the latest experiences, the ones in South Africa the most recent, I am blessed to have you all safe and sound. It’s not given to everyone.

This coming year is a very special one for me. It’s a year where I am going to work on the better version of myself, with fun and with ease, where I will share my journey with a daily Livestream through my Be the CEO of your Life show, where I will connect deeper with you because if this past year has shown me one thing, it is that connections are key.

Borders can be locked, we can be held back from going places, traveling but the connection is still there.

When you read this, thank you. Know that I appreciate you so much, for who you are. Just that, who you are.

Be the CEO of your life,


Yvonne Dam

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