Yes, it is possible to not watch every bit you eat -as who has time for that?!- and still feel and look good.

Join me today as I am talking about what does and doesn’t work when you have a busy lifestyle, a thriving business, and no desire to stop enjoying food.

There’s a secret to it -one that applies to everyone, although it differs for each person- that Alex will talk about in the ‘Be the CEO of your life’ live show.

Alex will share his story, all the things he has done to figure this out personally, so you don’t have to.

Many of my clients tell me their healthy eating habits is one of the first things that goes out of the window when they’re too busy – and they want it back.

Are you recognising this?

Then join us today @ 18:00 (Amsterdam) / 17:00 (Manchester) / 12:00 pm (Boston)

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Yvonne Dam

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