It is February. Most good intentions are done, and “normal” life has taken it’s course again.

Time to make up the balance and to prepare yourself for the next step. What is it, you would like to achieve in 6 months time? Do you feel like boosting your productivity? Click here for the free 3-day training at the end of the month. 


What are not you doing yet, that you should do

-and how to finally take action-

1.     Determine your goal

Say you want to make promotion, or get your company to the next level. You are working on it for a while, especially in your mind, yet you have not achieved it. That is upsetting you, as you are eager to get there. That is, by the way, a clear condition:

You need to want it badly. 

Write down what it is you want to achieve in 6 months. Make sure to be specific, like promotion to director sales by July 1. Or my online programme is finished and I have my first clients by July 1.


2.    Determine how it looks like

Now that you have been specific on what you want to achieve, you are zooming in.

So what will be different?

When you are the director what activities will you do, that you are currently not doing? When your online programme is finished, how many modules will there be? Write this all down, until you have a clear picture of the situation in 6 months.


3.    Determine what steps you need to take

By writing down how your situation will have changed by July 1, it also becomes clear what steps you still need to take. Write those down. Of course, those are the obvious ones: like I want to make promotion, and determine the outline of my programme. Besides this, it is also important to realise that

you are also different from now, once you have taken these steps. 


4.    What can you do differently, then you are doing now?

A sales director often takes the word during meetings, she presents often and regularly. She visits clients frequently and knows all her clients personally. The successful entrepreneur has aligned all her programmes so that her online programme “runs itself”. As she is selling online, she will also be more visible online.

Determine which are the things you are not doing yet, that are expected of you in your new role, at your next level.

When you know someone, who already has this role, look at the things you can take over/copy. Also determine the attitude, behaviour, you do not want to show.

be the ceo of your life- online life coach - what to do to boast your productivity

5.    Determine your successful you

To reach your destination sooner, address all the following aspects of your more successful you:

– What you do
– What you do not do
– How you feel
– How you look 
– What you are wearing
– What your convections are

Write it all done, so that you know exactly how you will look in 6 months, once you have taken that next step. You have now created an alter ego, that part of you that has already reached the next level of success.


6.    Step into your alter ego

Now you know exactly what your alter ego looks like, it is time to take action. So when you are in a meeting, and you realise that you would say something like the sales director, do so now. When it is asked, who will present next, just say you will. Reach out to potential clients, even though your programme is still in the making.

Take the actions that are expected from her. 


7.    Take 5,4,3,2,1 action

Now you have written down everything, and you know which steps you need to take and how to behave; we are getting to the most important part, action-taking.

Sometimes taking action is extremely difficult, even when you want it badly. When you know you have to take action, but you are procrastinating, use the 5-second rule.

Every time, when you know you have to take action [and before you procrastinate], start counting from 5 to 1, and then immediately take action.

For example, you realise you need to call a client back. Immediately, start counting in your head: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and take the phone and then dial the number.

It is important that after your initial realisation, you will not start to overthink. Before you can talk yourself out of it, you count backwards and you force yourself to take immediate action.

You will see, when you are 6 months further, you have reached your goals.


You are that director sales and you have clients in your online programme.

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