Everyone does it, now and again, procrastination. You know you’re supposed to start a job, yet you keep pushing it ahead. Until there is no time, left, and you’ll have to do it. Procrastination you are doing it, even though it makes you feel bad.

The reason why we procrastinate funnily enough is not work that we don’t like, but it is stress. But by delaying your work, you cause more stress. So by procrastinating you will quickly end up in a self-fulfilling circle, from stress to stress to more stress. So how do you stop procrastinating?

What can you do to stop procrastinating?

Have you ever noticed, that before leaving on holiday, you get loads of work done? You become very productive and you are able to do a lot of work in a very short time frame. This is because you are working toward a deadline. It is Parkinson’s law: work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.

So if you want to stop procrastinating, set yourself a deadline. 


Set a deadline

Have you ever lost a day, simply because you had so little to do? And even though you had so little to do, you managed to fill your whole day making that one job that needed to be done, a priority at the end of the day?

You can change that by determining upfront how long it will take you to work through all your tasks. Based on that determination, you accordingly set yourself a time to stop working. Is that end time way earlier than the normal end of your day? Great! Reward yourself by planning something outside of work. This gives an extra stimulus as you have something to look forward to, and will ensure that you will make your set end time.


Reward yourself 

Rewarding yourself is in itself a great way to stop procrastination. When you have to work on something, which you are not looking forward to, set yourself up for a reward afterwards, which you do look forward to. Go for an early lunch, get a massage, go outside or take a piece of chocolate. Whatever rocks your boat, and will help you to keep going, knowing something good awaits you.


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Start your day with it

Start your day working on the job you really want to have finished, but you are dredging to work on. Once you have finished this, first thing in the morning, the effect will be great. Eat that Frog, is what Brian Tracy calls it. For me personally, this is the best tool ever, to stop procrastination. Because you are happy, proud and relieved that the work is already done. Making you work in the same productive mode, for the rest of the morning or even day.

Last week I wrote about the freak factor and how people remember you. I indicated that people often think of me when they see champagne. This also applies to frogs. As I love the book: eat your frog first. It works so well, and I often recommend it to my clients.


Get into action

All of the above is a good way to stop procrastination, as long as you do it. You still need to get into action. This is very simple, yet not always easy. What can help you to get into action is the 5-second rule. As soon as you think, ok I start, count backwards five, four, three, two, one and physically get into action. So open your word document, literally take a step forward and do something. Do not think about it any further but get into action. Count backwards and do it. That is the 5-second rule of Mel Robbins. Does it sound too easy for words? Try it and you’ll see it works. No more delays but simply action, doing it.


Move forward

Do you also feel it is time to move forward? To take action and to take back the control over your life? Yet, do you struggle with this? Mail me and I help you to become the CEO of your life. The only thing you’ll need to do is to say: Yes, show me how.

Amaze Yourself,


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