You decide today how you want this year to end. Are you ready to make it go out with a boom? Bring in the end sprint?

It feels like time flies by so fast. So how about we get ready to smash these last few weeks and set you up for the best year yet. 


Let me share 4 ways to uplevel your business here. 

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Level up your business


1. Shorten the timeframe for reaching your goals


“The quickest way to do many things is to do one thing at a time.”


Impatient as we are, we want to change a lot, all at once. To progress more, it’s best to focus on changing 1 thing at a time. To improve your focus, make the focus period short. For example, this week, I’m focusing on being a rock star on LinkedIn. After that week, evaluate how it went and set a new goal, stretching yourself a bit further.


2. Boost your mindset and confidence


“Whether you believe you can or you can’t – you’re always right.”


You most likely know this saying. Now let’s put it in action. Have you been chasing a goal for this entire year, and has it not yet manifested in your life? Time to investigate what has been holding you back. What stories have you been telling yourself? How confident are you feeling about reaching your goals? Things appear different when you start to see things differently (as in I can do it, I will reach those goals).


3. Get coaching and find your community


“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”


We all have blind spots, as we’re rooted in our habits. Wanting to change things requires you to do different things. And knowing what to change requires you to get an outside view. Working with a coach can help you see those blind spots, take these away, and improve instantly.

Ready to level up your business? You've got to unleash yourself

4. Start dreaming


“Every success story started with a dream.”


Sometimes, when you have yet to reach your goals, and it takes longer than you think, you stop dreaming. Not thinking about why we started in the first place, just “getting on with it”. Working for it. Starting to work harder. If this is you, stop.


Take a moment to remember your dream. Then, make a new dream, one where you celebrate the New Year with one big achievement. And then take the first step in working towards this dream.


5. Make it happen


“Dream big. Start small. Act now.”


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Be the CEO of your life, work less, get more.

Yvonne Dam

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