Simple isn’t always easy, but it sure as hell will bring in money. 


You know what used to piss me off big time? It’s when people told me (in a condescending tone), oh, it’s so simple what you bring. Yes, it is, so why aren’t you doing this yet? hhh   


So today, I am ready to shake things up a bit, and I am about to get real “Dutch” with you. So, excuse my language while I drop some pearls of wisdom here.


1. Simple is where the money is


You’re good at something. That something made you go into business. Do that something and stop everything else. All else is making you marginal money. The one thing you’re good at is bringing in all the money. Focus on that and outsource the rest.


2. Not everyone likes you, and that’s ok; you’re not a pizza


Stop wanting to please the world. Start being unapologetically you. Who cares that you upset some people that don’t like you? They weren’t going to buy from you anyway. The more you are you, the more you give the people that do like you, fall in love with you.

When you haven’t embraced simple yet, you’re in for a lot of money.

3. Start saying yes to what brings you closer to your goal, and say no to all else


I repeat, say no to all else. When you do this right and start saying yes to all that brings you closer to your goal today, there will be no time left for anything else. You don’t get to disappoint people when you say no; you make people happy when you say yes—your people who depend on you and count on you, to bring home the money. 


4. Start doing it


You know what is needed to level up your business. you do. You need to stop doing it all, streamline your business – make it all simpler. Shred that endless to-do list, start working on your 3 most impactful actions per day. 


Start attracting your dream clients and stop chasing customers who ghost you. Because they clearly don’t want to work with you, and you know something is off. It might be your message, sales calls, or messaging, but something is not aligned. 


Be honest with yourself and take appropriate action.   


5. Make it easy


If you’re ready to act and obtain those major results, send me a message today. Start with making your business and your life simple. Then, make it easy for yourself. Finally, email me and tell me what you would love to simplify? 


Yvonne Dam

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