Why do you do what you do?!

Personally, I have a broad interest. And being positive as I am I see opportunities everywhere.

This might be a good trait, yet it didn’t help me as a business owner.

Instead of finishing one project, I would hop onto the next.

And before I was finished, I would start something new.

So, I would have a lot of unfinished projects and feel bad because it never seemed to work (no wonder, when you don’t finish one).

When I decided I had enough I started by prioritizing.

Then I focused on the top priority- all else was on hold.

Meanwhile, I had some important projects, not my main focus, that I needed to work on.

So, I started to set very specific goals and work with an accountability partner.

In that way, I had my focus on my most impactful actions and work steadily on growing my business- while meanwhile, I worked on finishing some important projects.

It worked wonderfully well.

And then when many clients and people in my network came to me, saying they needed help with getting more important work done- my MasterMind was born.

Helping my clients to get their focus back, starve destructions and grow their business by getting done what needs to be done.

It’s amazing and I’m so excited to start on the 13th.

Why do you do what you do?!

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Yvonne Dam

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